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our philosophy

an aesthetic high without the high price tag

The interiors of life are many. They can be viewed as the things that go on beneath the surface - our thoughts, desires, ambitions and passions. They can also represent the things that appear on the surface - the "interiors" of our home and office. Life.interiors is mostly about the latter concept but with the wisdom of the former guiding its way. The furnishing of rooms and the fashioning of surroundings is our passion! Yet we also believe that what you think and feel about life (those other interiors) can be reflected in your surroundings.

Furniture is one of the biggest elements to consider when trying to evoke originality, fluidity, charm and beauty in a space. It can bring that special sparkle or a signature look for your friends and visitors to marvel over.

Many people and businesses feel that to reach an aesthetic high, they have to have a bank balance that's astronomically high. This is not so with Life.interiors. Style, great design, and beauty in each of our specially selected pieces is affordable because of our competitive prices.

contemporary styles available online to more people

Life.interiors is committed to providing stylish contemporary home and office furniture via the web. This allows for inspired copies of designer items to be affordable to a broader audience.

The web enables us to reach a wider audience at the fraction of the cost of setting up a retail presence. We also skip the costs associated with wholesale suppliers and retail chains because you deal direct with us. We then pass our cost savings on to you. You get a price that has none of the massive retail markups that are associated with furniture. Shop online today.