Natalie Jade

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Natalie Jade

'Hello I am Natalie Jade a Contemporary Aboriginal intuitive artist.I currently reside in Melbourne Victoria with my three children. I studied studio arts at school although mostly self taught and originally started as an abstract artist over fifteen years ago. With the permission of the elders in the community in which I lived I transitioned into painting Contemporary Aboriginal art as a way to connect with my culture, soul frequency and ancestors. I often like to paint intuitively after connecting in and being in a flow state through meditation and music pre painting. My paintings are of the stars, sun, trees, waters and sea and almost always depict rainbows. I often paint stories of my own dreaming which have a special place in my heart but at times also paint intuitively. Not all of my artwork is Contemporary Aboriginal art some of it is purely channeled from my soul or based on certain parts of Mother Earth that I have a strong draw to such as palm trees and sea shells. Born into a family where “paint runs through their veins” she believes art is a journey of self discovery and expression. “In a way I’m letting others have a glimpse into my soul and also discovering who I am along the way.” I had my first solo exhibition in 2014 which was called “Crystal waters” but have yet to exhibit again although I do plan to in the future. I am represented by Julia Green at Greenhouse interiors who creates the most amazing styled photoshoots for the artists she represents. Many people have commented how my artwork provides them with a sense of peace and is very healing for them. As a intuitive and healer it was not originally my intention for this to be the case but I’m incredibly happy that it is and so I now paint with the intention to infuse my artworks with healing and love so that in my own little way I’m contributing to changing the world and making it a better place.'