The Ultimate Rug Guide

The Ultimate Rug Guide

Courtesy of our fab friends at Armadillo, we bring you the ultimate guide to buying the right rug for your space.

Their guide takes you through each room, with layout options, size guides and expert tips. Visualise how these helpful floor plans relate to your room, and what proportions are going to work for you.

Once you know what size you need, that's when the fun part begins! Choosing your weave, composition and colours... The main thing to ask yourself: how much traffic will your rug see? For example, dining room rugs need to be built a bit hardier, whilst a bedroom rug can be a little softer underfoot!

Either way, read up and rug up, you can't go wrong.

A 2021 guide to buying the right rug for your home! Malawi Rug

L I V I N G   R O O M

To pull together a living area, choose a rug large enough to sit fully or halfway under couches with any side chairs sitting partially or fully on the rug. Modular seating looks best when placed entirely on a rug with at least 20cm of rug visible behind. If you prefer to have a small rug, arrange the seating an even distance from it. 

The Armadillo Rug Placement Guide - Shop Living Room Rugs at Life Interiors!

A 2021 guide to buying the right rug for your home!Braid Rug

D I N I N G   R O O M

The best size under a dining table is about 60-70cm wider all round and in proportion to the table, accommodating chairs when people are seated. Place a round rug under a round table to accentuate the table shape and enhance the room’s overall design.

The Armadillo Rug Placement Guide - Shop Dining Room Rugs at Life Interiors!

A 2021 guide to buying the right rug for your home! Bramble Rug


Smaller rugs are often used in bedrooms. They can be placed on each or just one side of the bed, creating a soft, warm place from which to step in and out of bed. For a more luxurious look, place a large rug underneath the bed with a generous amount visible at the foot and sides. Keep bedside tables off the rug to highlight the floor and enhance the feeling of space in the room. 

 The Armadillo Rug Placement Guide - Shop Bedroom Room Rugs at Life Interiors!


The Armadillo Rug Placement Guide - Shop Natural Round Rugs!Dandelion Flower Weave

N A T U R A L   W E A V E   R U G S

Armadillo’s natural woven or braided rugs are perfect for spaces where you want to spark interest but are unable to fit a full-sized rug. They can be placed in entryways to add a homey touch, or added to the bedside, to living spaces, and even wet areas to bring a relaxed, softer feel to the space.



As well as adding softness, rugs can add colour and fun to kids rooms. Tuck the rug slightly under the bed to ensure little feet can find it easily. Smaller round rugs work well in nurseries under or next to cribs or make smaller spaces feel intimate and playful.


The Armadillo Rug Placement Guide - Shop Kids Rugs!

Whatever the space, the size or the style, we have the rug to suit! Our range of designer rugs includes brands such as Armadillo, The Rug Collection, Rug Culture, and many more.

Want to know more? See Armadillo’s Rug Guide HERE or book a complimentary consult with one of our expert stylists HERE.

Love, Life x