Introducing Augmented Reality

Need a helping hand to visualise your space? We're introducing AR to help you design the perfect home.
With AR, you can view our products in 3D and view them in your own space!

3D View


To view the product in 3D view, simply click on the 3D button.

360 View

Assess your favourite furniture from all angles as if you were shopping in real-time.

AR View


To view the product in AR view, simply click on the AR button.


Use your mobile’s camera to scan the entire room, capturing floors and ceilings too.

View In Space

Hold and drag the product to visualise it in your space.

Is my device ready for AR?

The AR feature is currently available for Apple iPhone 6s or later, as well as a range of Android devices running Android 8.0 or later. AR will only be visible within the Safari browser on Apple devices & the Chrome browser on Android devices. You must also ensure your phone’s AR software is up to date.