Zen Den
This Zen bedroom space combines rich textures and natural finishes that speak to a refined yet subtle elegance.
Checks Not Checkers

Contemporary aesthetics mingle with striking colours and textures to create a space that's both inviting and bold.

Stylish Studio
Inspired by the Australian bush landscape, this studio boasts a stylish interplay of form, texture, and material. The Memphis Sofa...
Down to Earth
This living room is a neutral yet warm haven, its aesthetics borrowing heavily from organic lines observed in nature fused...
Totally Tones & Textures
Envision a neutral dining space, gracefully echoing nature's organic elements through a beautiful curation of unique textures and patterns. At...
Mid-Century Master
In this mid-century modern inspired master bedroom, a balanced harmony between classic tradition and modernity exudes a timeless charm. The...
Cosy Haven
Envision a serene living sanctuary curated with a soft palette of neutral shades, accented by a dance of textures that add...
Ivory Sunset
Step into a realm where contemporary aesthetics blend seamlessly with comfort—this bedroom embodies a refined monochromatic palette, elevated by warm,...
Summertime Curves
Embedded in contemporary design with Mediterranean allure, this living space breathes a soothing neutrality, with a palette drawing heavily from...
A Light Meal

Contemporary neutrals don't have to be boring, as is seen through the mix of textures and materials in this space.

Island Retreat

Retreat to a sanctuary of comfort and style, where contemporary curved designs celebrate a coastal lean.

Feeling Fresh

Step back in time and experience the charm of a mid-century modern living room with a contemporary flair.

Updated Golden Girls
Welcome to the Golden Girls - a 1970s-inspired luxe living space, where caramel hues, rich textures, and opulent fabrics create an atmosphere that transcends time.
Sculptural Sleeping Space
With a contemporary minimalist aesthetic, this bedroom space focuses on simplicity, functionality and clean lines, all while incorporating cosy textures.
Elevated Eclectic

Dive into the world of elevated eclectic design, where unique pieces and contrasting elements come together to create a living space that is both captivating and comfortable.


Welcome to the coastal-inspired contemporary bedroom, a harmonious blend of natural materials, accent decor, and distinctive textures.

Soft European Home
Discover the charm of blending modern design and European influences in a captivating living space that will transport you to a seaside haven.
Heaven on Earth

A contemporary bedroom space designed with earthy tones, natural textures, and timeless furniture pieces can create a haven that embraces comfort and style.

White Lotus
Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary bedroom design as we explore the perfect blend of curvy boucle furniture, timber accents, and a soothing neutral palette. 
Modern Australia

Earthy tones, textural pieces, and strong lines all come together in this design to encapsulate a Modern Australian living space. 


Discover your dream bedroom in this ultra-modern space, where sophistication meets comfort.