Ryan Townsend

Ryan leads the Sydney Showroom Team as the Showroom Manager. With qualifications in Colour and Design, and also Photography.

“The most important person to impress with your interior design is you. It’s your home. It should reflect your style, regardless of trends or anyone else’s taste. That is what I am here to do, to help turn your interior dreams into a reality.”

Our incredible showroom team are on hand to offer interior advice for our products either in person or virtually!

My Designs

Sculptural Sleeping Space
With a contemporary minimalist aesthetic, this bedroom space focuses on simplicity, functionality and clean lines, all while incorporating cosy textures.
Feeling Fresh

Step back in time and experience the charm of a mid-century modern living room with a contemporary flair.

Updated Golden Girls
Welcome to the Golden Girls - a 1970s-inspired luxe living space, where caramel hues, rich textures, and opulent fabrics create an atmosphere that transcends time.