How To Style Bar Stools For Your Home

How To Style Bar Stools For Your Home

Bar Stools are a simple and effective means to elevate and create sociable seating in your kitchen space without breaking the bank, with so many options of designs, materials, and styles to choose from.

But let's be real, with so much to consider it can be a challenging task that takes time. Don’t worry, we hear you!

Whether you're starting from scratch, or simply looking to enhance your existing space, keep scrolling for some bar stool inspo and our best tips on how you can style them to suit your own unique style.


How To Style Bar Stools For Your Home. Shop our range of Bar Stools, including our Belmont Fabric and Olsen Timber Bar Stool. Available in-store and online today.

Styling Fabric Bar Stools

Upholstered bar stools offer an unmatched level of comfort, with endless options of soft fabrics, leathers, velvets etc. to cover plush padded seats for enjoying your morning coffee in style.

Our Belmont Fabric Bar Stool offers just that, with its simplistic design bringing a chic coziness to your space. Its stunning silhouette is characterised by a curved fabric backrest contrasted against sleek black steel legs, that work in textural harmony to elevate any kitchen space. 

Whilst we absolutely love a soft upholstered moment, it can be more prone to wear and tear than other materials. So if you have pets or little ones running around, it may be worth opting for more durable materials like timber or metal.

Styling Backless Bar Stools

Tight on space? A backless bar stool is a must-have if you're looking for a stylish way to optimise your kitchen area. With the ease to tuck underneath your breakfast bar, a backless design is a practical option that will allow you to utilise otherwise dead space without disrupting the line of sight.

Tucked away or on display, our Olsen Bar Stool is a sturdy solid timber piece that features a tasteful blend of rustic and natural details with contemporary design elements. It showcases a cord detailing seat that adds warmth to any space it's placed in whilst being an easy and casual choice of seat, perfect for those always on the go! Love this low-key look? Choosing bar stools crafted with natural materials like the Olsen is an easy way to add some modern coastal vibes into your kitchen.


How To Style Bar Stools For Your Home. Shop our range of Bar Stools, including our Alaska Leather and Blake Velvet Bar Stool. Bar Stool. Available in-store and online today.

Styling Leather Bar Stools

For the beautifully chaotic kitchens that already have a lot going on, with statement decor, decorative splashbacks or busy patterns, a more minimal and sleek bar stool may be the one for you. A minimal choice could include classic colourways, simple designs, and understated leathers that offer effortless versatility to suit various styles whether that's modern, mid-century, scandi or luxe etc.

Our Alaska Leather Bar Stool is the epitome of a timeless style, crafted from solid oak and smooth semi-aniline leather. More than just a pretty, leather-clad seat, this timber-based stool is among the most sturdy of selections and will balance other natural and leather finishes throughout your home.

Styling Velvet Bar Stools

If your space is looking a little too plain and lacking charisma, choosing a statement velvet bar stool would be a great way to add some pizzazz and interest to your space. A statement bar stool is one that demands to be seen, with glamorous materials and striking designs that are sure to be showstoppers.

Our Blake Velvet Bar Stool is a polished statement, that brings an unapologetic luxe to the breakfast bar with its stunning steel cantilever structure and opulent velvet seating. Blake has a comfy seat and back, with plush padded foam to keep you comfortable for hours, finished with line-stitched details for extra glamour.


We hope this helps you with your bar stool styling endeavours!

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