An Interior Designers Guide To Living Room Layouts

An Interior Designers Guide To Living Room Layouts

A well-designed living room is integral to creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Whether you’re revamping your existing living space or starting from scratch, our guide is tailored to help you create a living room that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and reflective of your style.

Keep scrolling for our top 4 layouts to maximise your space, arrange your furniture, and create an inviting ambience that suits your home...


The Classic Design

A classic design that hasn’t gone out of style for a reason! This crowd pleaser suits most spaces, while still incorporating essential comfort and versatility, without sacrificing functionality.

The TV-less Room

Another for a TV-less room, but more so for a space that isn’t confined to a typical ‘4 wall’ room. In any room that is part of an open plan living space, curved edges and individual seating create a sensible, yet dynamic environment. The plan boasts practical spatial planning, making it easy to navigate while still fostering conversation.

A Conversational Style

A conversational style go-to! This layout is for those rooms where the TV has been ditched, and conversation prioritised. Two sofas positioned opposite one another creates a space that encourages cosiness and connection.

The Sunken Room

For a sunken living space, a room that opens out into alfresco living, or looks onto another room in the home, this option is perfect. A sofa opposite the TV makes for practical living, while the two armchairs side by side create for ample seating. Great for entertaining and living all in one! 

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