House of Slim

House of Slim

House of Slim's collection, Chapter I, embraces the natural materials of marble and onyx to create some truly unique and special pieces. In this collection, you will find hand-crafted pieces that are designed and made to last over time, something that is in line with their brand ethos of ethical and responsible production. House of Slim at its core, is a considered and intimate furniture brand. “We set out to create a small line which worked in with artisans and natural elements, with a key focus on designing pieces that could be enjoyed in the home beyond one generation.”

In a time where mass consumption is overwhelmingly prominent, we wanted to offer a different shopping approach for the home - investing in pieces that would last the years. “Personally, at my mum's house, we still have ageless statement pieces passed down from my grandparents that I plan on sharing with my children - continuing the story and love shared over the decades." House of Slim was shaped to continue this mindset.

Hand Crafted & Local Purchasing

All House of Slim pieces are hand-crafted by our talented artisans in a small local village in Central Indonesia, who have generations worth of knowledge and experience working with our signature elements. Each House of Slim statement piece can take anywhere between 15 - 70 hours to create, with intentional and slow craftsmanship embedded within our brand ethos.  We set out to create a line that worked in with artisans and localised natural elements in our home of Indonesia. Our Chapter I collection focuses on elements sourced and crafted from Central Indonesia by local villagers in their direct community. Many have grown up around the elements, with their parents paving the way and passing on their expertise. 

Community & Fair Employment

Our factory supports its local community in many forms. All additional stones are donated to local villagers, free of charge – with many of the recipients breaking these larger pieces on-site and supplying in smaller portions to local crafters or local calcium producers. One significant story to us is an individual who has been breaking these stones for the last 40 years, successfully providing his children with the funds to undertake Masters degrees. The factory also provides financial assistance for staff and their family members for further education, as well as assisting in building credit profiles and better financing terms directly from the banks for their staff members. House of Slim chose to work with our community-minded factory due to their inclusive programs in expanding opportunities for a more prospering future.

Our partner factory staff members are all from the local area. Their management continues to provide training locally and if necessary training is also provided in the bigger cities. They encourage staff to visit trade shows locally and internationally so that they can understand trends in the industry technologies, as well as enabling the up-skilling process. Our factory also engages with the local training colleges and provides dedicated students opportunities to learn and practice under the supervision of a skilled team. Most employees from our partner factory are paid well above award wage. Mining and engineering managers are provided with company cars, while our partner factory provides a bus for daily transport to and from the vicinity for all staff members. When working overtime, all staff are provided with meals and their wages are adjusted accordingly.


In a time where mass consumption is overwhelmingly prominent, we wanted to offer a different approach for the home – investing in pieces that would last the years. All House of Slim pieces are crafted in their most natural form; from raw, earth-based elements found locally here in Indonesia. Chapter I focuses on the elements of Onyx and Marble. House of Slim promotes intentional purchasing, which is why our buy-in to each order is small to reduce overstocking and landfill. Any excess waste produced during the manufacturing process is strictly re-purposes. This excess is donated free of charge to the local villagers, which can then be converted to handicraft pieces or ground for calcium production.

Our factory actively replaces machines with more energy-efficient ones, as they become available. In the last 4 years alone, all diesel-powered air compressors have been replaced with energy-efficient electric air compressors. On top of the plantation of trees on-site, our factory has also planted their neighbouring community of 750 hectares of mountain area. On-site, there is a rainwater catchment pond to enable water conversation and recycle the water back into the factory.

Excess waste from the stones are re-purposed in a multitude of ways. Firstly, excess can be turned into a paste which is donated to the local community to help patch or build their houses and community places of worship. Excess stones are also donated to the local villagers to craft into smaller handicrafts to on-sell to make a living for themselves and their families. A local villager recently paid for his son's University Tuition from on-selling excess stones which were donated, of which 100% of the sale was kept by the local community member. We are proud to support our partner factory who keeps community spirit at the forefront of their business model.

House of Slim has a strict zero policy on plastic. All products are packaged and shipped using natural packaging alternatives, that can be recycled or re-purposed after the last mile delivery.