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At SLH, we value authenticity, artisanship and sustainability. We do our best to support original design and believe in the importance of being kind to our dear Mother Earth, which is why we source only environmentally friendly products and materials. We only supply the best when it comes to product quality and manufacturing, and we have only been able to expand as a business because we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. The SLH journey unfolded long ago, with two university buddies exploring through Indonesia and discovering all the amazing furniture and homewares the country had to offer. It was there they were emboldened by their passion for the eclectic to open a tiny studio, originally in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, where they began selling what they sourced. As we expanded into furniture, our business grew and were forced to move the business out of our city studio into a warehouse in Newtown in 2003. It only lasted two years before we moved to a larger warehouse space in Newtown. In 2009 we became the exclusive suppliers of Karpenter Furniture and Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture. The market for recycled and upcycled furniture manufactured under free-trade and ethical work conditions has driven the business since, forcing us to again expand out warehouse in 2013 to the Lilyfield complex and showroom where we remain today. Those university mates remain at the helm of SLH, although both of us have long ago married and have young families of our own. At work and at heart we remain style hunters and design lovers sourcing beautiful products that make the most mundane living and office spaces pop with colour and style.