Chanel Scardilli

Chanel works as a Trade & Styling Consultant creating inspiring interiors for our residential and commercial clients. Her 10 years of industry experience traverses property development, hospitality interiors, home design, exhibitions and events; supported by her Bachelor of Interior Architecture (majoring in Interior Design) and Diploma of Business Management.

"Design should be intentional, considered and personalised right down to the smallest detail. I draw inspiration from my clients, their lifestyles and surroundings to create interiors that offer a sanctuary of timeless design."

To book an in-depth, redeemable style consultation with Chanel, including personalised moodboards and room layouts, click on the link below!

My Designs

Modern Australia

Earthy tones, textural pieces, and strong lines all come together in this design to encapsulate a Modern Australian living space. 

Heaven on Earth

A contemporary bedroom space designed with earthy tones, natural textures, and timeless furniture pieces can create a haven that embraces comfort and style.

White Lotus
Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary bedroom design as we explore the perfect blend of curvy boucle furniture, timber accents, and a soothing neutral palette. 
Modern Mint
Infused with natural elements and subtle accents, this contemporary living space captures the essence of laid-back luxury, inviting you to unwind in comfort and style.