Buying anything online can be daunting, we’ve all seen those hilarious 'expectation vs reality' online shopping fails going around. However, it’s also a known truth that some of the best products on the market, at the best price, can solely be found online. Which is why it’s all about doing your research, and becoming the savviest shopper you can, so you are able to buy smart, anytime, anywhere!

So, if you are currently redecorating your home, restyling your dining room or just replacing your dining chairs, you have come to the right place. We are going to share with you our top 5 tips to help you successfully buy your perfect dining chairs online

Shop the dining chairs in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.
Shop the look (Above): Frankie Dining Chair (Black Vintage Leatherette)Aura Leather Bench (Oak, Tan) and Finland Rectangle Dining Table (Oak, 240cm).

Shop the dining chairs and tables in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.
Shop The Look: Potter Timber Dining Chairs (Ash) and Whywood Dining Table (Oak).

K N O W  W H A T  Y O U  N E E D

Do you run a tight ship in a busy family home? Are you furnishing your rental investment? Do you have your grandparents around for dinner regularly?

Being clear on how you use your dining space, and what requirements your dining chairs need to meet, from a functional perspective, is often the best place to start. For example; choose hard-wearing fabrics, or better still wipe-able leatherette, plastic or timber if you have young, messy mouths to feed. Or, opt for padded upholstery, high backs, and armrests if comfort is a priority.

Shop the dining chairs and tables in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.
Shop The Look: Whywood Dining Chairs (Oak, Charcoal)Whywood Dining Chairs (Oak, Light Grey) and Stockholm Extension Dining Table (Oak).

K N O W  W H A T  Y O U  W A N T

Once the boring bit is out the way, you can start to think about style… If you have an existing dining table you are pairing your new dining chairs with, then think about what type of timber it is, and if you want the dining chairs to match completely or contrast the table.

Is your room modern, with some mid-century leanings, or is it a simple Scandi space? Work out what style you would really love before you start browsing, that way you can filter on things like colour and materiality to save yourself time.

Shop the dining chairs and tables in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.
Shop The Look: Aura Fabric Dining Chair (Oak, Light Grey)Aura Leather Dining Chair (Oak, Tan), and Finland Round Dining Table (Oak, 135cm).

D E C I D E  O N  Y O U R  B U D G E T

Next is the unavoidable bit, budget. This is something to definitely have in mind before you start looking, no matter how big or small your budget, you are guaranteed to find dining chairs that will work for you.

If you want wooden dining chairs, but have a set budget, consider real timber veneer styles that will give you the look you want for less. Remember to filter by price before you start scrolling, so you know that everything you’re seeing falls under budget.

Also, don't forget, you can make purchasing more manageable with ZipPay or Afterpay; order now and pay for your dining chairs in installments, interest free.

Shop the dining chairs and tables in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.
Shop The Look: Jaden Dining Chair (Oak, Grey)Jaden Dining Chair (Oak, White) and Amber Rectangle Dining Table (Beech).

F I N D  Y O U R  S T Y L E

Keep an open mind when browsing, often it is worth clicking into a product even if you are unsure from the thumbnail image, as there may be alternative colour, fabric or timber options available. Plus, there could be a lifestyle image of the dining chairs styled in a room, which will give you an even better indication of how the product really looks and maybe even some design inspiration!

Shop the dining chairs and tables in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.Shop The Look: Bailey Dining Chairs (Tan Vintage Leatherette) and Stockholm Sideboard (Oak).

C H E C K  T H E  F I N E  P R I N T

Finally, and this is key, always check the details! All online stores will have lots of information about each product listed on the product pages, and we can’t stress enough how valuable it is to read it.

It will give you features, dimensions, materials, and price, plus, really important information around lead times, shipping options, delivery timescales and returns. Be sure to clue yourself up on all these factors before you place your order, so there is no room for surprises!

Last but not least, enjoy it, online shopping doesn’t have to be anything other than a good time! We may be interiors fanatics, but we firmly believe choosing furniture is one of the best bits of creating a home you love.

Have fun,

Love Life x