Bring this stunning fabric into any (or every) room in your home with our carefully designed and expertly made boucle pieces!

As modern architecture continues to focus on clean lines and open spaces, furnishings have never been more important when it comes to softening a room. 

Our boucle fabric is perfect for adding softness to your space, while also still holding onto the durability you would look for in an upholstery. 

Shop our boucle furniture collection in Sydney, Melbourne and online.

What is Boucle?

Boucle is all about texture and coziness, it's also is a perfect way of adding an extra layer of interest to a room while still sticking to a white and neutral colour palette.

The actual term ‘boucle’ is derived from the French word meaning ‘curled’ or ‘ringed’, which is a pretty accurate way of describing this trendy fabric. Our boucle pieces are made of fabric that is 95% polyester, meaning that it is easy to clean and super durable. 

Shop our boucle sofas and armchairs in Sydney, Melbourne and online.

Our Ranges

We are proud to offer you a diverse range of styles in boucle fabric, from dining chairs to sofas. Our two biggest boucle ranges are Memphis and Monet, both of which make up a complete lounge setting with some stunning individual pieces. Our new Prague sofa range is another stand out, with modular pieces for extra versatility.


Our Memphis range of lounge furniture features a grown-up and timeless style. With considered design elements, its subtle curved corners, low backrests, deep seats, and black steel legs are finished off perfectly with their boucle upholstery.


This range features a 70s silhouette and style, with a curvy loveseat style lounge, matching armchair, and layered ottoman. The Monet range makes for a complete boucle lounge setting, with its pieces lending a timeless and design-led approach to your living space.


Our Prague Modular Sofa system is a modern and minimal approach to lounge seating, with a low profile and simple square proportions. The full Prague Modular Sofa range has both multiple module and upholstery options, perfect for making your own unique lounge setting.


Shop our boucle furniture collection in Sydney, Melbourne and online.

Some other stunning boucle pieces of ours include the new Belmont and Avalon office chairs, the Nobu and Blake dining chairs, and the stunning Brooklyn sofa. 

The white colouring of the upholstery on all of our boucle pieces means that they can fit in with almost any styling, with the choice between brushed gold and black legs on some pieces giving them an even more luxurious feel. 

Explore our entire boucle collection and we’re sure that you will be just as excited as us about this stunning fabric, with it being a surefire way to add both style and interest to your home!

Love, Life x