Who needs a holiday when you can escape to this? This is the new Norah Cane, and she was a hit before she even arrived. ​

You may be familiar with Norah, she is one of our best-selling capsule collections, made up of well constructed, solid timber furniture pieces with a keen attention to detail. She now comes with woven rattan panels and is trendier than ever!

Along with our own furniture pieces, we have styled this space with products from Sage X Claire, Blackhaus Studios, Middle of Nowhere, Bonnie & Neil and Armadillo.

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The wood and rattan in our key Norah, Olsen and Koto pieces provide the perfect neutral backdrop for a wide range of styles, giving you the foundations for your very own styled space!

Here, we’ve teamed these key pieces with our beloved Monet Boucle Sofa and Memphis Boucle Round Ottoman to soften the space and give you a comfy place to curl up on. 

Middle of Nowhere’s Bjorn Arch Floor Mirror gives the room a statement piece and is the perfect way to guarantee that you’re looking great from head to toe. Their freestanding Objekt mirrors are a great, playful way to add visual interest to a shelf or sideboard. 

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A natural colour palette of cashew and terracotta is brought in through both Sage X Clare’s bedding and Bonnie & Neil’s structural vases, bringing depth to the light oak furnishings. Similarly, Blackhaus Studios’ prints bring in natural, and subdued, blues and greens to the space, transporting you with their settings of dreamy, far away places. 

We think that any of Armadillo's neutral, woven rugs would fit perfectly in this space, so play around with textures and see what works best for you!

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Top: Oia Marble Bedside  Bottom: Koto Bedside                  Top: Avalon Bedside  Bottom: Norah Rattan Bedside                         


The same goes for our range of bedside tables, feel free to play around with different shapes and accents to achieve your perfect look! We’ve already mixed and matched a few for you here, so that you can see how each fits differently and compare between them. 

While we are so in love with how this styled space has come together, there is still so much room to branch out by bringing in other pieces and colours. Why not add one of our Harper Round Ottoman’s in brown leather, our Memphis Bench in forest green, or even our Memphis Boucle Bench

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We’ve created this space with you in mind, in the hopes that we can inspire you on how to style your own home! Whether you pull out a few of the key pieces, some accessories or the complete collection to style your space, we hope we’ve lit a match and inspired you to make your design goals a reality.   

Love, Life x