Renovating your kitchen, brand new home or just trying to freshen things up? You may have attempted the search for exactly the right bar stools or not even started yet, either way, we know it isn’t always easy. Whether or not you have been browsing online or strolling around stores, it’s likely that you know there are a vast amount of options out there, and knowing how to choose the right ones may be baffling.

Which is where we come in! Not only are you about to read some highly valuable advice on the three things to bear in mind to make choosing easier. We also have one of the best selections of bar stools out there (and yes, we are proud of it), which means you should be able to find what you’re looking for right here. 


We know we’ve said it before but first things first; function. Your bar stools have to work for your lifestyle, and stand the test of time. So, if you have a busy family home, a pint-sized city rental or simply a brand new kitchen that needs a fresh set of stools, we have everything from trusty timber to industrial style metal, and family proof to luxey.

For example; if you have a home with little ones then you may consider bar stools with sturdy bases, high backs and easy clean to clean, hardy, materials like timber, metal and PU. Or, if your kitchen is fairly small, opt for compact styles that don’t have a big footprint so they can be tucked neatly away, giving you a feeling of space.


Next up is the fun part; form, it’s time to decide on a style. The main thing is finding a set that will compliment your kitchen cabinets, worktops, fixtures and fittings. If there is wood, then are you going to try and match your bar stools perfectly with the right grain of oak, ash or walnut timber, or are you happy for them to be slightly different which will add depth to your space. When it comes to colour palette and upholstery, will your bar stools match your existing accents or contrast and pop?

Most of our collections come in a multitude of options, so you can get exactly what you're looking for. Check out our uber cool industrial Baileys with their black steel frame and on trend fabric or vintage look leatherette seats, or our best selling classic Parker collection with either a solid oak or metal base, and super comfy seat in a range of finishes.



Lastly, there has to be some thought about price, there are stylish, high quality bar stools to suit every budget so it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. So, our best advice is to work out your budget before you browse and use the filters to make sure you’re only seeing bar stools, that are affordable. Plus, with the likes of ZipPay and Afterpay available, you can buy now and pay later, interest free.

Maybe Dani's your guy? Hard wearing, easy to assemble, comfortable and cool, he's the ultimate all rounder and only $129 a stool. Then there’s Alice, who is as sturdy as they come and super on trend, also just $129. Though if you prefer a bit of luxe, our new addition Blake is a hipster, with vintage leanings and soft velvet upholstery, not bad for $295 a stool.

We really hope those three steps help, and that is just a selection of what we have to offer, so may sure you browse the full collection. If you’re still in doubt just get in touch! Our fabulous team of qualified style experts are just at the end of the phone, or an email away, and they would love to help you find your perfect Bar Stools!


Happy hunting!

Love Life x