Working from home? We are embracing the excuse to design a new micro space within a space, and integrating our mini home office within a lounge, dining or bedroom for some euro-style multi-functionality. 

Those of us lucky enough to be able to work from home know that it has its advantages and disadvantages. 

We have been working hard to develop our home office range, to bring you practical and stylish solutions to create the perfect WFH set up in any of your existing spaces!

Oxford Blues

This monochrome set up, pictured above, taps into a calm and androgynous level of coolness, perfect for maximum motivation and minimal distraction. A good desk chair is a matter of personal choice and the simplicity of this look gives you the freedom to mix and match to your taste.

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Zen Hues

This office space is tucked away, calm and very on-trend. The solid oak corner desk is a savvy, space-saving option and will work well in almost any room. Match with natural tones, small artworks and some lighting for a productive and zen workday.

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Bright & Airy

Bring the outside in, with a bright, airy and natural office space. Layer green hues, oak, and texture, add a pair of photographic prints and some indoor plants to create a room that feels like summer all year round.

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Aspen Office

The petite Aspen desk is perfect for small spaces and goes with almost any chair, pictured below with our new Belmont chairs, so pick one that works for you and add artwork and greenery for some extra zen and inspiration.

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Think Space

Work doesn't have to be a chore when your office is this cool. Find that work/life balance by starting with our functional Reuben desk, add plants, abstract art, lighting and a chair that works for you!

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Introducing: Avalon & Belmont

We’re excited to see if you love our most recent additions to our WFH range as much as we do! 

Our new Avalon and Belmont office chair range features the luxe upholstery options of boucle or velvet and even leatherette in the Belmont style. These guys are perfect for bringing in elegance and elevating the style in your space, while also still maintaining the comfort and functionality of a typical office chair.

A WFH area is viable in any room in the house and we are learning that having your home office within a well designed, communal space can be conducive with a productive workday.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and put together your very own WFH set up that will inspire and excite you! 

Love, Life x