3 Quick Tips for Styling a Coffee Table

3 Quick Tips for Styling a Coffee Table

Every living room has one: the often-overlooked coffee table. Though it may seem insignificant, a well-styled coffee table can be the piece that ties your entire space together.

Not only does it serve as a functional place to set your coffee cup or book, but it also provides an opportunity to showcase your personal style.

If you're unsure about where to start, keep reading for three quick tips to guide you in styling the perfect coffee table.


Create Balance by Layering Height and Texture

The layering of heights and textures of your decor is crucial to consider when striving for a visually balanced coffee table.

Height: Start by selecting pieces with varying heights. This could be a tall vase with fresh flowers or dried stems, a stack of books or tall candlesticks. Different heights add interest and draw the eye across the table, ensuring that every piece has its moment.

Texture: Mix and match textures to give your table depth and character. Consider placing a smooth glass carafe on a shiny, metallic tray, or pairing a rustic, wooden bowl with polished, glossy magazines can create visually appealing contrasts.

The Cosmos Marble Coffee Table provides the perfect round canvas to build upon and style to perfection. Its contemporary look is rich with textural elements, combining its smooth Carrara marble top with its timber column base. Layering another texture such as a glass bowl would be an excellent way to create more visual interest with this piece.



Keep it Functional

While styling is essential, remember that your coffee table should remain functional. Here's how to strike a harmonious balance of function and style:

Trays and Bowls: Use decorative trays to organise smaller items. This keeps the table looking tidy and allows for easy removal when you need more space. Bowls are another stylish way to hold items like remotes or coasters.

Space and Maintenance: Don't overcrowd. Leaving some areas empty allows the table to breathe and ensures there's room for setting down a cup or snack. Ensuring that your decor pieces atop your table are easy to move is key for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Noir Round Storage Coffee Table is a chic way to optimise tabletop space and maintain optimal functionality. It has been designed with convenience in mind, featuring an elegant, rounded design with a single door that offers storage capacity for any objects, board games, coasters, or cushions. This table allows you more tabletop space without the clutter.


Add A Personal Touch

While your coffee table should look stylish, it should also resonate with your personal taste. Incorporate small ornaments and mementos that reflect your personality to not only add character but also to make your space genuinely feel like home.

Our Flair Rattan Coffee Table is made from a blend of solid and veneered oak with natural wicker detailing. Its subtle curved design showcases a stunning rattan shelf for added storage and space to incorporate your unique personal touch.


Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all formula to styling a coffee table. These tips are just a starting point. Let your creativity flow, and don’t be afraid to change things up whenever you're in the mood for a refresh!

Love, Life x