3 Quick Tips on How to Furnish a Home Office

3 Quick Tips on How to Furnish a Home Office

The importance of having a well-designed home office has never been more apparent than in today's fast-paced, remote working world. Whilst we are commonly drawn to focus on style when designing a new space, a home office is not just about aesthetics.

A thoughtfully styled home office can play a significant role in minimising distraction, eye strain and discomfort. This can be achieved by choosing pieces that prioritise functionality and ergonomics to in turn promote a comfortable, efficient, and healthy work environment.

We’ve consulted the experts and done the research to give you our best advice, keep reading for our top three tips for furnishing your home office to boost productivity and transform your workspace into a place you love!


1. Desks that combine storage & cable management 

A functional desk is the foundation of a productive home office. Choosing a desk that incorporates practical elements like integrated storage, will ensure your workspace remains uncluttered, enhancing your efficiency and focus. Thoughtfully designed desks also prioritise cable management, effectively preventing tangled cords and keeping your space tidy.

The Noir Desk combines these elements beautifully, with two spacious cabinets detailed with stunning timber panelling, and a recessed cable management function to ensure a streamlined look.

2. Optimise lighting with a desk lamp that doubles as decor

The lighting in your home office plays an integral role in maintaining focus and preventing eyestrain headaches. Positioning your desk near a window allows for the ideal combination of both natural and artificial lighting sources. If window access is not achievable, optimising your lighting with task lighting pieces like a desk lamp is incredibly important to fostering concentration and efficiency. A desk lamp will provide a targeted flow of light to the task at hand, and is also a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your space.

With a gorgeous travertine base, the Kepi Desk Lamp by one of our premium lighting brands, Mayfield Lighting, features a statement design that conveniently doubles as a stunning piece of décor. It flaunts a spherical, frosted glass shade that provides ample light to any table it is placed on whilst softly illuminating a space from all angles.


3. Office chairs that balance comfortable support with function

Proven to increase productivity, an office chair is more than just a place to sit and is arguably the most important feature in a home office. It goes beyond mere comfort and is a crucial support to promote good posture, prevent fatigue, and reduce health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Consider a chair with armrests to avoid shoulder strain, and a backrest with lumbar support to encourage a neutral posture. Adjustability is also an important aspect, allowing you to customise the chair to your body's unique needs.

With hints of retro flair, the stylish Stella Office Chair has been designed with comfort in mind, showcasing a deep seat with supportive armrests. It also features a swivel function and wheels for ease of mobility to move around your office.


Implement these tips to transform your home office into a sanctuary for productivity and success. 

We absolutely love seeing how you bring our products to life, so be sure to tag us on Instagram to share how you’ve styled your home office.

Love, Life x


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