An Interior Designers Top 4 Tips to Style a Living Space

An Interior Designers Top 4 Tips to Style a Living Space

As the heart of every home, a living space serves a range of important functions. From a cosy spot for family gatherings to a showcase area when guests come over, the aesthetics and functionality of this space are paramount.

With a balance of comfort and style, your living room should reflect your unique personal tastes but also provide functionality that harmonises with your daily life.

We understand how challenging trying to achieve this can be, so we asked for the expertise of our in-house interior designers here at Life for their top tips to help you out!

Whether you're redesigning your existing living room or starting from scratch, keep reading for the top 4 pro tips for styling the perfect living space!

Tip #1: Establish the purpose of the room (e.g. tv room, sitting room, formal vs casual.)

Create intention for the space by deciding what its main function will be. Once you identify how the space will be used, it becomes easier to choose the type of furniture required for it. A sitting room might invite the need for facing armchairs whereas a casual living area might benefit from a large comfort modular sofa and flexible seating such as ottomans. The intention for the room can greatly dictate its orientation. 

Tip #2: Texture! 

Layering textures brings warmth and interest to any space. Do this by introducing soft furnishings such as accent cushions, throws, drapery and rugs for a cozy and inviting feel. Also think how you can spark interest, drawing your attention around the room by mixing fabrics; linen, boucle or velvet, with natural timbers, stone, rattan and metals. A neutral colour palette of whites and creams layered in fabric and stone textures is one of my all time favourites! 

Tip #3: Rugs are Essential 

If you're looking at your living room and can't quite determine what's out of place, it's probably your rug! Assess where your furniture sits in the room, primarily your main seating, and ensure the rug meets these pieces or can at least go under the front third of these items. Not too big and not too small... think just right! Rugs are also a great way to add colour, texture and pattern, elevating your living room and creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout. 

Tip #4:  Be playful with accessories 

Small styling accents go a long way! Be creative styling surfaces like coffee tables with books, vases, objects and plants. Mix old with new and create clusters of complementary objects playing with varying heights and textures. I particularly love styling with lighting either through lamps or candles enabling the ambience within the space. The same can be applied to your walls with an organically shaped mirror, cluster of artworks or a sculptural wall hanging.



We hope these 4 pro tips will guide you toward achieving the perfect balance, ensuring that your living space is not just beautiful, but uniquely functional to your home.

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Love, Life x