Life Interiors founders, Geoff and Basil Karam.

Celebrating 15 years of Life: In Conversation With Our Founders

A family business at our core we would love to (re)introduce our founders, brothers Geoff and Basil Karam. The driving force behind what we do, they are hands-on leaders, present, and involved at every step of your purchase journey. With a genuine passion for the service we provide and a forward-thinking approach to commerce that pushes the business to be better each year.

We sat down with them and talked shop, to bring you insight into how Life came about, what keeps them motivated, and what they believe the future will hold.

Our founders, Basil and Geoff Karam.Basil and Geoff.

15 years, we can imagine you find it hard to believe you have hit that milestone! Let’s start with a bit of nostalgia, we would love to hear how things began and what drove you to establish the business in the early days?

Geoff: Coming from parents that immigrated to Australia in the 70s with limited opportunities, seeing how hard they worked, and the dedication and morals they instilled into the family, set the foundations, resilience and work ethic we required to succeed.

From my early years, I always had separate passions on how businesses operated, how people interacted, and the function and aesthetics of design.

Having side projects and business was something that I had done from my early years, whether it was washing the neighbours cars, collecting cans for cash, mowing lawns, trading bikes, investing into property, building relationships and networking with people to maximise opportunities, it seemed to come naturally. 

Then came along the internet, which I thought was the most amazing invention the world had ever seen. We could not only buy and sell services to our local community, this now opened up the opportunity to a wider market with the click of a button.

Basil: Back in the late 90s and early 2000s I worked in the e-commerce industry as part of IBM and later was part of the founding technical team at Pureprofile that went on to launch the digital marketing business in Australia, UK and the US.  

So it was through these “digital lenses” that we could see the landscape for furniture retailing going to change forever and that an opportunity to launch one of Australia’s first e-commerce furniture businesses was upon us. This unique timing and an opportunity to launch a business with my brother and incorporate my passion for technology and design meant the decision to start this journey was actually easy.


A family business, Hanna Karam, Geoff and Basil's dad and everyone's favourite member of the team.A family business; Hanna Karam, Geoff and Basil's dad and everyone's favourite member of the team.

As the business has grown, what have you found most challenging and rewarding about the journey? And any pieces of advice you have for those reading this who may be working on their own projects?

Geoff: The most challenging aspect of the business is navigating the forever changing landscape of furniture retail, in the early days being a jack of all trades, working hard to understand all aspects of the business and appreciating that being in business is a Journey of learning, persistence and openness to change. Taking into account a long term view and making decisions with long term benefits, not short term gains, the longer term decisions which may take longer to achieve are generally the better alternatives to short term gains. 

The most rewarding aspect is hands down watching our team & brand DNA grow along the journey, while also being able to serve our customers with beautiful furniture along the way.

We have been blessed to have an amazing team along the journey, we have a large number of team members that have been part of the business for a long time, they have shared the journey, the highs and lows, they have ingrained their personality into the brand which has led to great personal growth for all involved.

Basil: The most challenging and rewarding aspect of the journey is the relentless growth and change that has occurred over the last 15 years - we are always moving forward with initiatives. The evolution of the Life Interiors brand over the last 15 years and seeing our team past and present grow along this journey has been a remarkable achievement for my brother and I.

Resourcefulness, use what you have to start your own project and it's absolutely fine to start with a rough first "draft" and then make the necessary improvements based on lessons learned along the way. You will make mistakes, apply the lessons and move on. I also believe in the importance of persistence.


Life Interiors a family business.A family business; Geoff's daughter Isabel cosy on an armchair and Basil enjoying international trade fairs. 

With a consistently endless to-do list, what motivates you both personally? And what elements of the brand are you most proud of?

Geoff: Life Interiors has allowed us to grow professional and personally in ways we could not have imagined.

Life Interiors is more than a business, it's become our way of life, it's ingrained into each and every decision we make whether it be business or personal.

Each and every day we build another block into the foundation, setting us up for the endless opportunities ahead, knowing where we have come from, always appreciating our foundations, what we have built, the customers we have served, the relationships we have nurtured along the way.

I am most proud of the brand & team’s journey. Also, the strong relationships we have built across our entire supplier network. Without each and everyone’s contributions we would not have achieved all the major milestones in the last 15 years. 

I am also proud of our own personal growth along the way, and humbled when hearing our teams and customers excitement and passion they have for the brand we have created.

Basil: An endless to-do list is a normal state of play for all business owners.

I use this to-do list as a snapshot of the future architecture of the business - it's my personal framework. I'm motivated by always improving the status quo and in the process, staying relevant to our customers.


Then and now, Basil and Geoff in our Alexandria showroom in 2017, Basil, Geoff and Hanna 2022.

Then and now, Basil and Geoff in our Alexandria showroom in 2017, Basil, Geoff and Hanna 2022. 


Looking ahead, what do you imagine the future has in store for Life Interiors and what can our customers look forward to and get excited about?

Geoff: We are dedicated to becoming a market leading, service focused, omni channel furniture retailer, our ethos of maintaining true 'to make great design accessible to everyone', is our north star and entrenched into our everyday lives.

Our customers can be excited with the promise of consistent brand & product evolution, the introduction of exclusive, imported and locally sourced furniture brands, a focused approach on quality, sustainability, functionally, and beautifully designed furniture and homewares for everyday life.

Larger retail and digital reach across Australia!

Basil: We are working tirelessly to introduce accessible designer furniture to a much larger audience across Australia. Opening up several more stores across Australia and enhancing our digital capabilities will mean we bring our vision to a reality. 


Finally, tell us in four words what you think makes Life, Life?

Geoff: Respect, Relationships, Service, and Persistence

Basil: ​​Contribution, Growth, Family, and Fun