How to Choose Wall Art like an Interior Designer

How to Choose Wall Art like an Interior Designer

Wall art is not merely an addition to your home decor; it is the essence that adds character, emotion, and flavour to a room. As an invisible thread, it ties together the furniture, colour scheme, and overall ambience of a space.

But how do interior designers manage to pick the perfect piece every time?

We’ve got you covered, keep reading for an Interior Designers' guide to choosing wall art like a pro!



Consider the Room's Style and Colour Scheme

Before you jump into buying that eye-catching piece of art, pause and look around the room. What's the colour palette? What interior style does your furniture depict? Are there any prominent patterns or textures? The wall art you choose should harmonise with the room's existing colours and complement core furniture pieces.

For a minimalist setting, opting for subtle, monochrome art pieces might be the way to go. On the other hand, a room adorned with bold and vibrantly coloured furniture may welcome abstract or more expressive wall art. If this sounds more like you, consider a colourful, abstract piece from the incredible collection of New Zealand-based artist, Jen Sievers.

Account for the Size and Proportion

Your wall art should match not only the colour and theme but also the size and proportion of the space. An oversized piece of art in a small room can sometimes feel overwhelming, while a tiny piece may look lost on a large wall. Measure the area you intend to decorate and pick an art piece that fills about two-thirds to three-quarters of the available wall space.

If you're clustering several smaller pieces together, aligning them horizontally or vertically can be a great way to add a refined sense of style to a space. Alternatively, visual balance and interest can also be created by either working with an odd number or styling a combination of both landscape and portrait pieces.



Use Themes to Set the Tone

Wall art isn't just about aesthetics; it's also about curating the mood you want your space to evoke. Themes and subject matter vary dramatically, with each unique piece having the ability to curate different feelings and moods.

An energetic or thought-provoking bold piece may be perfect for the living area, bringing personality and liveliness into the space. Conversely, a serene landscape print may suit a bedroom if you are looking to create a calming space synonymous with sleeping and relaxing. Our diverse collection of The Poster Club prints is created by various artists and designers to offer a unique range of pieces with something to suit every space and everyone.


Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Interior designers often break the rules to create a space that's unique and inviting. Don't be afraid to mix different genres, styles, or even frame types to bring a dynamic quality to a room. Play around with arrangements, and don't hesitate to juxtapose contrasting elements. It's your space, so let it reflect your creativity and individuality!


Choosing wall art is not about picking the trendiest piece you find online or in a store. It's about finding something that fits your space, resonates with your personality, and adds to the visual harmony of the room. Explore our beautiful range of wall art, and let your walls speak volumes.

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Love, Life x