How to Style a Feature Art Wall

How to Style a Feature Art Wall

A canvas for creativity, a feature art wall is characterised by the curation of various framed artworks or prints on the same wall in one cluster.

Feature art walls are a fun and creative way to bring a unique touch of personality to any space. However, with so many options from layouts to colours and frames, it can be tricky to know where to start!

Our expert interior designers here at Life are here to help, and have given us their best tips on how to style a feature art wall that is both visually interesting and unique to your personal style.


Top tips on how to style a feature art wall, including colourful artworks and mirrors. All available to shop online now!

Choose an Overall Theme or Style

Whilst themes, colours and different styles can all be combined in any way you like, the use of a cohesive aspect will tie it together beautifully. Whether it's a common colour, an artistic period, or a particular style (like abstract, figurative, or modern), a single unifying element brings balance and harmony to your art wall.

Here, the prominence of earthy dark brown tones in the Maureen Print by House of Slim and the Making Time Print by The Poster Club has been tied in throughout the surrounding artworks beautifully.

Play with Sizes and Orientation

Using a range of different-sized pieces from small to large is another way to enhance the visual interest of your art arrangement. Starting with the largest piece first and then building out your cluster with the smaller pieces is the easiest way to begin!

Combining both landscape and portrait orientations will further help to create an element of visual balance whilst elevating the overall look of your feature wall.

We love how the Hold You Red Print by The Poster Club has been hung horizontally to contrast the other vertically hanging prints, creating a captivating statement in this dining space.


Top tips on how to style a feature art wall, including colourful artworks and mirrors. All available to shop online now! 

Consider your Frames

When selecting your frames, consideration of the colour and finish of the frame is crucial to complement your overall theme. Where a timber finish will create a more natural look, a metal or plastic finish can offer a contemporary aesthetic.

For those going for an eclectic or maximalist vibe, opt for a combination of different colours and finishes in your frames. Alternatively, if a more cohesive composition is more your thing, choose the same frames for all your pieces.    

Mix Up the Medium

Blending a unique mix of paintings, photographs, prints, textiles, and other wall decor pieces will make a strong design statement on any wall. This is also a great way to bring diverse elements of texture to a space, using a variety of materials such as canvas, fine art paper, and fabric, amongst many others.

We love how the Aura Mirror here by Middle of Nowhere doubles as a decorative art piece on this feature wall, and adds a dynamic focal point alongside the effortlessly The Poster Club’s Check Art Print and Light Stripes Print.


We never tire of seeing how you style your pieces, so don't forget to tag us on Instagram to show us how you've styled your feature art wall!

Love, Life x 

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