When it comes to interiors, artwork is a game changer.

For example, it can take just one oversized print to transform a room with ‘wow factor’, adding a hit of colour and an injection of personality. Speaking of personality, this is where yours can come through in your home, in the way you choose to adorn your walls. Art is the easiest way to make a place your own, so make your mark and start collecting.

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We touched on the power of a large statement artwork, but in all seriousness, it’s like mega points for interior lovers. The beauty is that it can be anything from an abstract canvas to a photographic print, and although the style will vary the impact is the same.

In the bedroom, a muted tonal art work above your bed adds symmetry and serenity in equal measure, or, if you have found piece of art you absolutely love, and hang it on the wall opposite the bed. That way it’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and you get your daily dose of inspo first thing.

Shop the Artwork and Prints for every space in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.
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These big pieces work well above the sofa, hanging in line with a dining table or adding excitement to your entranceway. We have an array of artworks that come in large sizes, from original paintings to unframed and framed art prints. One of our bestselling Australian brands Middle of Nowhere, have an amazing collection for your walls, with something for every room in the house, no matter what look you’re channeling.

Alternatively mix and match smaller prints, paintings or canvases to create an art wall, or lean them up and layer them on your mantelpiece, console or sideboard, for effortless style. This laidback approach is perfect for renters, or those of you who just like to change things every so often, in other words it’s the non-committal way to hang. 

Shop the Artwork and Prints for every space in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.
Shop The Blog: Slim Aarons and Middle of Nowhere.

When it comes to selecting a style, our best advice is to throw caution to the wind and simply buy what you love. Whether that be beautifully shot landscape or a photographic print capturing a golden era by the insanely good Slim Aarons, who's collection will bring more than just a hint of glamour to your room.

If colour is your thing, then we have bold and beautiful abstract art, and floral prints by the likes of local artists Leah Bartholomew and Kimmy Hogan. But, try not to get too hung up on coordinating, or trying to maintain a theme, pops of colour in any shade are always welcome and you’ll probably find whatever you choose it somehow just works.


Shop the Artwork and Prints for every space in Sydney, Melbourne and Online.Shop The Blog: Kimmy Hogan and Leah Bartholomew.

Browse our collection of artwork and prints online, but if possible you should drop into our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms, where we like to fill the walls with samples and examples of all our artists and brands. Because sometimes, you just need to see it for yourself.

Our closing tip, there is no such thing as right and wrong when it comes to art. Less is more, but more is also more, hang it high, low, central, off centre or don’t even hang it all. That really is the fun part, the rules are there are no rules.

Love, Life x