4 Stylist Tips On How To Style A Bedroom

4 Stylist Tips On How To Style A Bedroom

A bedroom is a sanctuary. A space in your home where you go to switch off and unwind from the day. It’s crucial for a good night’s sleep that your bedroom is a soothing, stylish, and functional space that also reflects your unique personality.

However, styling your bedroom can seem like a daunting task that requires a bit of research, from choosing the right pieces, colours, textures, and shapes.

We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best tips for you to create the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of, and give your bedroom the glow-up it deserves.

So whether you're starting from scratch, or simply looking to give your space a revamp, keep reading for four of our best tips to help you get started!



Incorporate Stylish Storage Solutions

Let's be real - clutter and mess is unavoidable at the best of times, so defining your space with purposeful storage solutions is a practical means to keep your space organised without having to compromise on style. They are also a great way to optimise your space if you are working with a smaller room. Consider choosing bedside tables with storage drawers, beds with underneath storage, and other multipurpose pieces to best utilise your space and keep it clutter-free.

Our Charlotte Boucle Storage Bench is a stunning storage piece that doubles as a convenient seat. It is a versatile way to incorporate storage capabilities into your bedroom, with ease to tuck away pillows or shoes, but also to pull up to the table for extra seating.


Dressing Up Your Dresser

The dresser is often one of the largest pieces in your bedroom, offering a great chance to create some visual interest, and inject a bit of your own personal style into your space. The shape and materials are important to consider when styling a dresser. Look to continue themes of curves or linear shapes for a cohesive look, and choose materials that complement other key pieces in your bedroom to create balance. Accessorise your dresser with your personal style, by adding in some greenery, candles, mirrors, and books – your options are endless! 

We love the contemporary style and versatility of the Rio Chest of 6 Drawers, with its low-line profile providing generous surface space to style lots of décor on the top. Its stunning panelled timber design will bring a point of focus in your space, whilst keeping a minimal look that is perfect for adding a natural element to your home.



Layer Textures and Materials

The layering of different textures and materials is vital when it comes to creating a bedroom that is both cosy and visually balanced. This can be achieved by using contrasting materials of furniture and varied textures of soft furnishings/décor that will work to bring tactile and unique visual interest to your bedroom. Consider blending materials of timber, metals, and natural stones, with complementary textures of rattan, boucle, and linens to create dimension, and balance.

Our Georgia Boucle Bed Frame is a great place to start, with its neutral-toned tactile woolly texture that will effortlessly soften a room. It is a beautiful fabric to pair with natural materials like timber or rattan, styled in bedside tables like our Avalon, or dressers like our Atlanta which will bring warmth and texture through organic grains and patterns.

If you're not ready to invest in furniture yet, opt for smaller pieces like a shaggy/ patterned rug, ceramic vase, marble accent piece, or funky glassware décor to provide a more subtle textured detail to your space.


Let There Be Light!

The lighting in a bedroom is crucial to the overall ambience and feel of a space. Utilising a combination of both natural and artificial lighting sources will work to create a space that is bright, spacious, and dimensional. Whether you choose to incorporate a minimal table lamp, unique wall sconce, or statement floor lamp, they will elevate your décor whilst curating your ideal mood lighting in your room. Our Soren Floor Lamp features a striking spherical globe that will softly illuminate a space from all angles and is perfect to style in any corner of a room, whilst the Leo Lamp will brighten up your bedside table with its gorgeous ceramic base and chic linen shade.

The addition of a mirror is also another easy way to bring depth into a space, with its ability to reflect natural light and make any room feel bigger. Our Bjorn Arch Mirror is the perfect piece to do exactly that, with its elegant shape and clean lines serving as a chic decorative piece, whilst it adds dimension and the illusion of a larger space.


We hope this helps you with your bedroom styling endeavours!

We absolutely love seeing how you bring our products to life, so be sure to tag us on Instagram to share how you’ve styled your bedroom space.

Love, Life x

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