Trending: Statement Mirrors

Trending: Statement Mirrors

Statement mirrors are the perfect styling hack to add an extra layer to your space! Whether you want to create the illusion of extra space, reflect light, or just fill up a blank, boring wall, we've got you covered.

Our mirrors come in all forms and styles, from oversized to unique shapes, making it easy to make a statement in any room or space. 

We've taken some of our favourite shots shared by our amazing customers to inspire and show you all of the ways you can style our selection of statement mirrors.


Bjorn Oversized Floor Mirror & Flynn Curve Leaner Mirror


Our Bjorn Arch Oversized Mirror and Flynn Curve Leaner Mirror are both stunning pieces that really make an impact! See how the Flynn reflects the light in this space, while the Bjorn works to create a sense of depth.


Kaari Mirror & Dawn Round Mirror


After a bit more personality? The Kaari Mirror is fun and sleek, with so many colour options to suit your style! Our Dawn Round Mirror is more of a bold, classic type, perfect for hanging above a sideboard or hallway table.


Pebble Mirror in Three Rooms Sydney & Three Birds House 13


One of our stand out statement mirrors this year: the Pebble. You guys have been loving their unique shape and stunning impact. They're available in a range of shapes and sizes, so there's a Pebble for everyone out there! 


Flynn Round Mirror


Round mirrors don't have to be boring, with pieces like our Flynn Round Mirror being perfect for maintaining a neutral space in Bright White, or for adding a pop of sophisticated colour in a Dusk tint. 


Those are just a few of our faves, shop our full mirror collection here. Your new statement mirror awaits...

Love, Life x