Introducing: Rachel Donath

Introducing: Rachel Donath

Established in 2020, the Rachel Donath collection features a considered mix of antique and modern home decor pieces, designed to enhance any space with timeless appeal and high-quality craftsmanship.

With a focus on sustainability and ethical production practices, the ethos at the heart of Rachel Donath’s elevated aesthetic is her incredible eye for understanding objects as art.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel about her journey into the interiors industry, the inspiration behind the pieces, and her best design tip!



What was the main inspiration behind launching the brand and breaking into the interiors industry?

I’ve always been drawn to collected interiors, nothing cookie cutter, spaces that boldly reflect the personalities and stories of the people who inhabit them. I have always had a passion for finding special pieces, trawling through markets and auction catalogues to find something special and unique. I started my business by sourcing vintage and antique pieces that spoke to me - and this quickly evolved into opportunities to design and build out my range of furniture and homewares.

How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?

It’s hard to find a word to describe the overall aesthetic as it’s just so personal but I like to think that my pieces are artful, bold, and timeless in that they don't reflect any trend or era in particular but rather are a collection of pieces that are personality-filled and unique.


You offer such an incredible range of pieces! Where do you get your inspiration for new collections from?

I find inspiration everywhere! Architecture has always inspired me, I’m always looking for shapes and patterns in old chimneys, cornices, fences, architraves, and old tiles. When you look at your surroundings through the lens of art and form, you find inspiration quite literally anywhere and everywhere.

What’s your best interior design tip?

Don't ask for other people’s input! The best homes and spaces I’ve ever visited or lived in have always been a very true and unapologetic reflection of the person who lives there. I think that when we start crowd sourcing opinions on our own style, it's never going to end well. Stay true to what you love, even if makes sense to no one else. Style is so personal and its hard to get wrong if you’re true to what draws you in.


With so many incredible homewares and decor pieces on offer, there is something to suit every home and every taste! 

Shop the full Rachel Donath collection below!

Love, Life x 

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