Mustard Made | Butter Launch

Mustard Made | Butter Launch

Characterised by its creamy, pastel yellow tones, we are so excited to share Mustard Made’s latest addition to their rainbow, Butter!

Founded by two sisters, Becca and Jess Stern, Mustard Made offers colourful homewares and stylish storage solutions in an iconic old-school locker design that brings a fun sense of character and functionality to any space.

Their newest colourway, Butter, is “a decadent take on the classic French Provincial colour” and a stunning new hue we can’t wait to see in your homes!

We chatted to Gemma from Mustard about the inspiration behind Butter, predictions for upcoming trending colours, and what’s next Mustard in 2024!


Shop Mustard Made's newest Butter locker in a range of size, available to shop online & in store now!

It’s been a while since your last colour launch, tell us a bit about the inspiration that led to your new Butter colourway.

We are always really considered whenever we launch a new colour. It's so easy to get swept away with trends, but the guiding principle for us is always timelessness. We want every product we make to be one that will look just as good in 50 years as it would have looked 50 years ago. The other big consideration for Mustard is how a new colour fits into our rainbow. All our pieces are designed to work together, our customers love creating their own colour combinations and we love that although each colour has its own unique personality, they feel like part of the same family.

With all that said, Butter really felt like a missing piece of the puzzle! Just as our Navy pairs with Ocean, Our Berry with Blush and our Olive with Sage, it felt right to have a creamy, pastel yellow to partner up with our signature Mustard colour. When we were creating Butter we knew exactly what we were looking for. It had to be warmer and mellower than lemon, soft enough to work for a kids room but sophisticated enough to work for grown ups too! It had to be bold enough to stand alongside our vibrant colours like Poppy and Navy, but subtle enough to sit in our pastel lineup too. It's a tall order, but we are so happy with the delicious colour she is!


Shop Mustard Made's newest Butter locker in a range of size, available to shop online & in store now!

Butter is definitely having its moment, what other colours are on your trend radar for 2024?

Butter is really having its moment in the sun! We are seeing a lot of pops of bright red as well, especially with trends like the unexpected red theory popping up. The way red is styled this year feels very fresh, it's almost a European influence, and it pairs so beautifully with Butter. The other colour on our radar is a dusky Ocean blue. These three together make such a modern yet nostalgic palette and we're all for it!


What’s next for Mustard Made?

We have a really big year ahead and we're so excited to reveal more! We've got some very special launches planned, with new products and even new categories in the works. Stay tuned!


Shop the full Butter range below!

Love, Life x

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