NSW Small Business Month | Jen Sievers

NSW Small Business Month | Jen Sievers

This NSW Small Business Month, we're highlighting some of our amazing local brands that are integral to our unique and stunning offering here at Life. 

With captivating works full of fresh colours, sweeping lines and contemporary flair, New Zealand-based Jen Sievers is an incredible artist we are so proud to call part of the Life family.  

We chat to Jen about the inspiration behind her pieces and her best advice for starting a small business...


What are the main design influences behind Jen Sievers and where do you find your inspiration?

I'm really inspired by colour - I get excited by playful palettes and the power of colour to shape how we feel. I'm inspired by light and by the beautiful shapes of a landscape. 

With the end of the year approaching, what’s next for Jen Sievers ?

I've just returned from an inspiring trip to Bali - while I was there I really opened myself to curiosity and wonder, and I'm busy forming plans to release a few collections based on everything I saw and felt. This time I'm not limiting myself to my tried and tested painting styles - I want to really explore to see where it all takes me. I'm also about to start work on a book project as well as my long term plan of a beautiful online art mentorship programme.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to someone looking to start a small business?

I think one of the lessons I've learned this year, which could be useful to anyone starting a small business, is to keep coming back to your intention - why are you doing what you do? What's the heart behind it all? I think when the intention is solid, things flow a lot more smoothly.

Shop Jen's incredible range of artworks below!

Love, Life x

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