Introducing: Double

Introducing: Double

Launching Australia’s first-ever line of machine-washable rugs, Double is a design-forward brand with an incredible collection of sustainably sourced, machine-washable rugs.

Founded in late 2022, the aptly named brand combines contemporary designs with its patented double-layer technology, allowing each rug to be separated into two layers for easy cleaning and practicality.

Stain-resistant, pet-friendly, and durable, Double caters to every Australian home with their diverse offering of styles ranging from checks to stripes, mid-century to contemporary, and everything in between. 

We chat to the team behind Double about the inspiration behind the brand, the main design influences, and their innovative rug technology.


What was the inspiration behind starting Double Rugs?

We wanted to start a design-led but accessibly priced homewares brand for modern Australian homes. We love the fact that Australians are led by design and inspired by international design trends that they tend to make their own... but we also felt that there wasn’t a brand that met that design need (especially in floor coverings) while at the same time being super practical. The Australian culture is all about no fuss, no frills, and easy living. There is nothing worse than stressing out about mess on the new sofa or designer rug - we solve that anxiety by being washable, durable, and accessibly priced but also design-led. We have started with rugs but fully intend to expand into other categories in due course.

We are so excited to have you as part of the Life family! What drove your decision to exclusively carry Double with Life Interiors?

We love Life Interiors' design aesthetic and connection to the design community, and we thought it was important we partner with you to launch and give a look-touch-feel experience to your customers and ours for our rugs.

Double is celebrated for its incredibly diverse range of designs. What are the main influences behind Double’s collections, and how do they resonate with today's interior design trends?

As with all design, especially in interiors, we are inspired by both new and old; cycles of design and reinvention of those cycles - a classic example being Mid Century Modern which has evolved into newer design themes inspired by this like Neo Deco and California Modern styles we know today. Our design spans many different interiors/aesthetics - mid-century, contemporary classic, Neo deco, 80’s postmodern, abstract, Boho Coastal and more… but always with a Double point-of-view / design lens. We are inspired a lot by the art world as well, after all, rugs are essentially art on the floor - again both new old creators - we love the Bauhaus minimalists like Joseph Albers all the way through modern day maximalists, too. We have some new design collaborations coming next year from the latter.


One of the incredible features of Double Rug’s is your patented double-layer technology. Can you talk us through how this technology works?

The Double design is simple and uncomplicated, and we have a patent in Australia for our unique design. Each rug comes apart in two layers - a nonslip base for grip and stability, and a removable top layer that you can peel off and throw in the wash over and over again. The two connect so they don’t move when in place. 

What’s next for Double, can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming collections? 

2024 will see new design collaborations with Australian artists, new exciting textures like shag and vegan wool and our first foray into some entirely new construction like a single layer rug and natural fibres like washable wool!


Shop the full collection from Double below!

Love, Life x

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