Feather & Noise X Melbourne Showroom

Feather & Noise X Melbourne Showroom

We recently had the pleasure of hosting an event for Melbourne-based fashion brand, Feather and Noise, to launch their latest collection ‘Life in Colour’ in our Melbourne Showroom.

As the name suggests, their incredible new collection is full of vibrant colours that made our Life pieces look absolutely stunning when paired together. 

We spoke with brand manager Emalee about the behind Life in Colour collection, her personal interior style, and her favourite Life piece!


How does your fashion style differ from your interior style? 


What a fantastic question to start with! My fashion and interior styles share quite a few similarities. I find myself gravitating toward sage greens, blush tones, textured greys, and chocolate, colours that I incorporate into both my daily attire and my home decor. However, if I were to pinpoint a significant difference, it would be my enduring love for classic black and white in my wardrobe. Take, for instance, our popular black denim midi skirt and classic monochrome stripe Jasper tee. I recently wore this exact combination into the city and was stopped by multiple strangers, which always amuses me because it's such a simple yet striking monochrome look, very emblematic of Melbourne style. So, in summary, I can confirm that I don't have any moody black and white homewares in my home...yet. Maybe it's time to consider adding some!


Congratulations on launching Feather and Noise’s new ‘Life in Colour’ collection! What was the inspiration behind the collection?

Thank you! It's been an absolute dream to return to the incredible Melbourne showroom and collaborate with Life Interiors again, especially seeing our favourite Store Manager Craig! The 'Life in Colour' collection is a vibrant mix of bold hues and prints, all inspired by our deep affection for the colour pink. We've also introduced some lovely sage and new neutrals that complement each other beautifully. In this collection, we've explored a fresh taupe colorway in our renowned suiting range and added textured flecks to our grey sleeveless suiting, a look that's perfect for Spring yet remains timeless enough to carry us through to Winter in 2024.

We've always had a passion for texture, both in fashion and interiors, and we've woven that into the fabric of this collection. Each material boasts a unique texture and point of interest. The cupro peached silk is a sensation against the skin, making it a must-try for anyone who hasn't experienced it yet. And let's not forget the vibrant print, a light and airy fabric that will effortlessly carry us all into the summer months. Lastly, we've included a graphic tee as part of our monthly programming on the 10th of every month, a significant milestone for us this year. These tees feature limited edition prints and are crafted from 100% recycled cotton, a crucial part of our sustainability efforts here at F+N.



We can’t get enough of how beautiful the shoot images look in our Melbourne Showroom, which one would you pick as your favourite interior and fashion pairing and why?

Oh, that's a tough one! I don't think I can narrow it down to just one, so I'll give you three—hope that's not too many!

First up, our wonderful Molly, who leads our exceptional marketing team, looking effortlessly chic in our graphic tee while perched on her favourite green dining chairs. Molly has the matching stools in her own home and absolutely adores them.

The stunning Amelia, sporting our hot pink button-down knit, paired with our lusciously soft vegan leather mini skirt. It's a vision of perfection with the bold pops of colour in the background and that inviting orange textured couch in the showroom. The reflection in the curved mirror just seals the deal. 

Lastly if I may be a bit self-indulgent, it’s this shot of me! The simplicity and elegance of our grey sleeveless 'Quinn Suit' complementing Sarah Ellison's remarkable Float Modular Sofa in that rich chocolate brown. It was a moment when I paused, smiled, and felt proud of our brand and business for being so warmly welcomed back into the world of Life Interiors.


What is your favourite piece from Life Interiors and why?  

Choosing a favourite piece is quite the challenge, considering the showroom is brimming with stunning styles that make me want to revamp every room in my home! However, I couldn't resist asking Craig, the Store Manager at Life Interiors in Melbourne, which piece he thinks best embodies a few of our team members. Remarkably, Craig picked the white Fergus Fur Chair for me! With its sturdy steel frame and unique curved design, I can easily picture myself sinking into its comfort with a good book. Or, as Craig humorously suggested, enjoying a glass of bubbles at the end of a long week!


Visit our Melbourne showroom to see these stunning Life pieces in person and shop the Life in Colour collection now at Feather & Noise.

Love, Life x

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