Sarah's Day x Life Interiors • House of Groms Studio

Sarah's Day x Life Interiors • House of Groms Studio

When you think of influencers who have pioneered the social media landscape, Sarah's Day undoubtedly tops the list. Sarah has captivated millions with her authentic storytelling vlogs on YouTube and effortless cool-girl style on Instagram, with a genuine passion for holistic health and fitness. 

Now, she's opening the doors to her latest venture—House of Groms, a brand-new creative production studio located in Sydney. We partnered with Sarah and her husband, Kurt, to curate a collaborative space rich with texture, contemporary aesthetics, and premium comfort.

From the waiting bay to the dining space and office boardroom, each corner of House of Groms reflects Sarah’s considered eye for design, combining both form and functionality in a stunning arrangement of Life Interiors pieces.

We chat with Sarah about all things style and inspiration as she walks us through her journey of conceptualising this incredible new studio space.


How would you describe your personal interior style?

I’m heavily influenced by Mediterranean architecture and interiors. I gravitate towards warmer, neutral tones like warm whites, creams, and camel. I love incorporating natural textures and materials to bring a sense of warmth and dimension to my space. When building my home and office I used a lot of travertine, natural timber, terrazzo, and marble to bring in an earthy undertone. Building my space to be clean and neutral (while still using multiple natural materials) allows me the flexibility to have fun with my styling! I love being a little more quirky and unique with my styling selects like cushions, furniture, and home decor. Again, this will usually be warmer tones, but I enjoy incorporating pops of bold colours like red, yellow, pink, and orange to bring personality to the room. 

However, when it came to our House of Groms studio and office space, I was excited to step outside my comfort zone and lean into a more grungy, bold and cooler-toned design. This had me using a lot of black furniture, mixing natural timbers with harsher metals and pops of soft mints and creams to balance out the masculine features of the space. I love being diverse with my style and slightly mixing up my approach depending on the space.


As one of the OG influencers, we're so excited to partner with you! Where would you say that you get your main inspiration for your content?

As my life changes, so does my content. That is honestly why I never get sick of creating content and it always feels fresh and new to me. Whether I’m renovating our house, building our studio, navigating pregnancy or trying a new workout routine, there are so many moving parts of my life and as a human, I’m always learning something. I really enjoy bringing my audience along on that journey with me and truly giving them that ‘fly on the wall’ experience, particularly when it comes to my IG stories and YouTube vlogs.

However, aside from my vlog-style content, I always like to make content and I personally as the viewer would like to watch. I often sit outside in my backyard, enjoy my coffee and write down any ideas that come to my head. These content ideas always revolve around wellness, home styling and lifestyle.


We love the pieces you chose for the House of Groms space! Which would you say is your favourite and why?

Oh My goodness, how do I even choose!? Ok, I have a few favourites but for very different reasons...

  • Aura Mirror in Black: This is our statement mirror in our Mediterranean-inspired bathroom. We get so many compliments on it, and it truly brought such personality and uniqueness to the space.
  • Bae Velvet Swivel Armchairs: These two chairs have been absolute crowd-pleasures for not only our staff but also clients we have that visit the studio. Of course they're practical and comfortable, but for me, the best part is the statement and attitude they bring to the main studio area. With all of the black and white that surrounds the studio, these chairs brought some much needed warmth to the space. Not only through their colour but their soft velvet texture.
  • Ok it was a close call for number 3 but I’d have to go with our Noir Black Oak Oval Dining Table. It is the perfect place for our team to eat together and gather around. I love the natural timber texture, but the boldness of the black!


What was the driving factor behind House of Groms? Can you tell us a bit more about it as a project?

Creating our very own creative studio and workspace has always been an absolute dream of ours (my husband Kurt and I). For many years we worked out of our first apartment transforming our main bedroom into a studio, the living room into an office space and the secondary bedroom as the equipment room. We were always limited in what we could create in such a small space and knew that creating a warehouse-based creative studio would truly be game-changing for our businesses and team.

When we purchased the warehouse, we couldn't wait to build out our dream studio, fully equipped with a 5x5m cyc wall, sound panels, custom equipment room and shoot kitchen. However, what was more exciting to us, was creating a space for our team that felt like their home. Our goal was for our team to enter the studio and be overwhelmed with a sense of creativity, passion, and excitement. Seeing how happy our team are working here and just chilling out in the eating and waiting zone brings such joy and contentment to my heart.


Want the look? Take inspiration from her space and shop Sarah's selects for her studio below!

Love, Life x

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