Floral Artists: Adele & Kimmy

Floral Artists: Adele & Kimmy


We love representing and supporting Australian brands and artists at Life Interiors, with each one bringing so much to the Life family!

Digital artist, Kimmy Hogan, has been a long standing member of the life family and we're so proud to represent her two new collections: Vessels & Honey Flower. 

Perth based artist, Adele Naidoo, is a new member of the Life family and we are thrilled to have her on board with her collection: Flowerbed

Both artists create unique and stunning pieces with one main thing in common: their focus on all things floral! We asked them about their signature style and artistic process, drawing out the inspiration behind their pieces. 

Kimmy Hogan

Kimmy Hogan's new collection: Honey Flower

Honey Flower I & Honey Flower II

How would you describe your signature style?

My signature style would be abstract botanicals with a hand drawn feel, drenched in a warm, exotic palette. 
Kimmy Hogan's new collection: Vessels

What was the artistic process behind your newest collections?

I fill pages upon pages of my journals with loose vessel shapes and abstract flowers. When I feel a drawing has a little magic, I then redraw it on the computer with hand motion to capture the essence of the original sketch – with all of its imperfections and wobbly, wavering lines. I then fill the art with colour, add in some handmade textures, and tweak the proportions until it all comes together. When the art is printed on my luxurious high quality canvas, it really comes to life.  

Adele Naidoo  

Adele Naidoo's floral collection: Flowerbed

Walk Amongst The Flowers & Flowerbed

How would you describe your signature style?

Large scale florals, thick, textured brush strokes, dripping paint on a subdued pastel or earthy background is my signature style. My compositions are always centred (a homage to vintage floral posters). My pieces always have a contrast in textures between the smooth backgrounds to the highly textured florals.   

    Adele Naidoo's floral collection: Flowerbed

Flowerbed Neutral & Blushing

What was the artistic process behind your collection, Flowerbed?

Flowers in bloom are my forever muse, my Flowerbed collection is a study of some of my favourite flowers (anthuriums, poppies and daisies) arranged in various, complementing compositions and background tones. I start with a digital collage of my hand drawn floral elements, when I am happy with a composition I print this onto canvas, then add texture with thick acrylic brush strokes that bring each piece to life. I mix my own colours so an original painting always comes out toned down compared to the digital print. Often times, parts of a flower or background colour is repainted over 10 times for me to get the tones just right. This part takes the longest but I love that each layer adds more depths in texture to the overall original piece. 


We absolutely love the new collections from these two talented artists! Floral has never looked so good...

Love, Life x