Introducing Apartment III by ELLISON STUDIOS., a collaboration with Three Rooms Sydney. 

This 3 bedroom apartment, located in the heart of Sydney's Potts Point, is a showcase of not only the ELLISON STUDIOS. signature style but of their most popular designs. 

Specially designed to create a calm and mature space, this apartment is light and airy, a contemporary take on its art deco heritage. 

We had a chat with Sarah Ellison on why she chose to incorporate our Mabel and Pebble mirrors in her design and how she went about styling such a special space...


Sarah Ellison's Three Rooms apartment, featuring our Pebble Mirror, the Yoko Bed and the Gabriella Mirror

Apartment III is a stunning showcase of all of your collections and signature style, what piece/s did you use as a focal or starting point?
The starting point for me in a living room is usually the sofa. 
I chose my Muse in Oyster linen because as much as this design is 1970s inspired it also has design lines that were synonymous with the Art Deco period in its wide rounded arms. 
The Oyster linen was a nice fit as it enhanced the light, bright nature of the space.
Sarah Ellison's Three Rooms apartment, featuring our Pebble Mirror, the Huggy Armchair, and the Muse Linen Modular Sofa
Tell us about why you chose the Mabel and Pebble Mirrors for the space and how you styled them. 
I chose these mirrors for two reasons, firstly, the black frame made them feel chic and classic and a great fit for the refined version of SE that we were trying to achieve.  
Secondly, the organic shapes made them feel fresh and contemporary, so combined with their classic silhouette they felt perfect for this brief. 
Sarah Ellison's Three Rooms apartment, featuring our Mabel Mirror and the Alva Velvet Armchairs
Being an interior stylist as well as a sensational product designer, can you share any tips for styling a space that flows as well as this one?
For me, a well designed space is one where each piece can hold its own as an individual design but when combined with a selection of other great pieces it becomes part of a symphony where the pieces all bounce off of one another. This means that it's important to make sure that each piece you are selecting has its own character that differs from the others, but also that there is a common thread.

For this space that common thread was the neutral and monochrome colour palette. I like to combine different textures such as velvet, linen, and shearling but also use graphic elements such as the black and white photography, or the Luca console with its striped rigour to create visual interest and make the eye travel and flow though the room. Some elements are strong, some are soft and textural, and others are smooth and shiny, when combined they form a beautiful space. 
Sarah Ellison's Three Rooms apartment, featuring our Pebble Mirror, the Huggy Armchair, and the Halston Console
How would you describe the ELLISON STUDIOS. aesthetic?
Warm minimalism with an eclectic simplicity. 
ELLISON STUDIOS. signature aesthetic and designs are the reason that their pieces are so popular and distinctive. Bringing these all together in the one apartment has created an incredible space that is sure to transport you, whether you're staying short or long term. 
Take a look or book your stay in Apartment III here, or shop the whole ELLISON STUDIOS. collection here
Love, Life x