House of Slim: Monument

'Monument', the continuation of House of Slim that brings to you three new products that are re-imagined takes on their style and signature materials. 

Comprising of two coffee tables and one statement dining table, 'Monument' stays true to the roots of the brand with its crema marble construction but takes on a new personality with its conical style legs. 

We chat to Holly from House of Slim about the process behind creating this stunning collection...


House of Slim's collections embrace the natural materials of marble and onyx to create some truly unique and special pieces.


How would you describe the pieces in this new range?

‘Monument’ is refined and versatile, with the desire of introducing different sizes and forms. All House of Slim statement pieces are hand-crafted from solid blocks of marble; which in turn makes them quite weighty. With ‘Monument’ not only did we want to introduce a new detailing with the conical support legs, but we really desired to include a statement piece that still stayed true to our build ethos of keeping forms as true to nature as possible; while being that little more user friendly through a petite offering with ‘Opal’. ‘Monument’ we feel is our most balanced collection yet, designed as a versatile form that can be placed in cosy abodes or commercial spaces. 


Tell us a bit about the process behind designing and creating the timeless pieces in the Monument collection.

This collection came to Tyler and I very spontaneously and unplanned. We were in remote Indonesia on the beautiful island of Sumba, where we go for respite and to reset. It was a rainy, stormy day; no electricity or wifi. It was just us on a hill, with our thoughts, a pen and notebook which was exactly what we needed during design phase. We were talking about the direction of House of Slim and how we wanted to introduce more masculinity into the brand while still retaining the elegance and balanced look from Chapter I, which evidently drew us to the conical detailing.

Each collection we desire to introduce a new form, which is where we came to the reasoning of introducing our first Dining Table. We love connecting over meals, and felt we could offer a refined and quite alluring version of what usually goes quite unnoticed. ‘Maia’ is by far our favourite piece we’ve brought to life, and we are really excited for our customers to see this beautiful piece in person, as well as allow others to connect over meals with House of Slim. 



Some people might be uncertain on how to incorporate such striking pieces into their homes, can you give us some tips on how to style this collection? 

My advice is to always follow your own inspiration; as you will be the one enjoying your space. Personally, I lean towards simplicity and contrast. We pair the Maia Dining Table with mid-century dark walnut dining chairs which really brings out the warm brown hues within our signature marble motif. If you lean towards a light and airy colour palette within your interiors, you can pair the Opal Coffee Table with an oat linen sofa as a tonal styling feature. If you are a bit more adventurous and love pops of colour, pairing the Iman Coffee Table with a retro olive sofa can align the mid-century modern look. 

As for my personal favourite styling details, I can’t go pass a classic photography coffee table book by Slim Aarons or Assouline which I turn to for inspiration in both my design and photography work; a statement ceramic piece by international designer Malene Knudsen and a weekly floral installation. My room only ever feels complete when I come back from the market with my florals in-hand; setting the tone and calmness for my work-day ahead. 


Elevate your style and shop the full Monument collection below. 

Love, Life x