Introducing: SOFACOMPANY

Introducing: SOFACOMPANY

Designed in Denmark, SOFACOMPANY details an impressive range of furniture that combines high-end craftsmanship with aesthetic appeal, and we are thrilled to have them be a part of the Life family!

SOFACOMPANY is the result of founders, Cathrine and Christian Rudolph's dream to challenge the existing furniture industry by offering superior quality design at reasonable prices.

Since 2012, they have been providing an incredible collection of sofas, ottomans, armchairs and daybeds to make any space feel like home.



Crafted by skilled hands, their collection of living pieces is versatile to be suitable within both residential and commercial spaces.

The Aya Fabric 4-Seater Sofa features a Japandi style, marrying Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics to design a piece focused on simplicity, clean lines, and natural materials. The soap-treated oak legs and large, soft seat cushions make for a stunning timeless addition to any space.



In keeping with its Scandinavian roots, SOFACOMPANY has curated their range to feature a balance of both minimal and understated pieces, with bold, statement pieces.

The Gloria Fabric 3.5-Seater Sofa is a large statement lounge piece with a striking contemporary look. Its curvy bold proportions and stunning chrome sled base will make a strong design impact in any living space or lounge area.



SOFACOMPANY’s beautiful range of armchairs features organic shapes, unique textures, and comfortable designs.

The Alma Boucle Swivel Armchair is a modern piece with sculptural character and organic expression, inspired by the way beach stones are laid in natural, imperfect layers. This curvaceous design features an asymmetrical back and plush, durable upholstery to elevate any living room nook or bedroom.


Shop the stunning, full range of signature sofas, armchairs, and other living pieces from SOFACOMPANY below!

Love, Life x

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