NSW Small Business Month | Maison Balzac

NSW Small Business Month | Maison Balzac

This NSW Small Business Month, we're highlighting some of our amazing local brands that are integral to our unique and stunning offering here at Life. 

An Australian brand first started in 2012, Maison Balzac is the epitome of playful and unique home decor and we are so proud to call them a part of the Life family. 

We spoke to their founder, Elise Pioch Balzac, about the main design influences behind her pieces and her advice for starting a small business...

What are the main design influences behind Maison Balzac and where do you find your inspiration? 

My biggest influence is the surreal movement which was born in 1920 mainly in France. Artists like Dali, Miro, Magritte, Picasso but also Schiaparelli and Cocteau are infused in everything we do.


With the end of the year approaching, what’s next for Maison Balzac?

Every year we tell a story through each new object; this year it was all about Dance (especially the Ballets Russes) and next year you can expect a delirious exploration of the imaginary fauna and flora of Maison Balzac!



What’s one piece of advice you can give to someone looking to start a small business?

My advice is to start your business even if it’s not 100% ready. Stop putting it off, register your business name and GO!


Shop their full range of glassware and stunning decor below!

Love, Life x