SagexClare & Norah

SagexClare & Norah

We have been proud stockists of Sage x Clare's amazing bohemian homewares since 2017 and are over the moon to call them a friend of Life!

​Phoebe and Chris, the husband and wife duo behind the brand, never fail to disappoint with their eclectic and colourful style. Talk about team work makes the dream work!

We asked Phoebe to choose her favourite Life product and chatted to her about the inspiration behind Sage x Clare.


One of our favourite homegrown brands, can you tell us a little more about the people behind Sage x Clare?

I’m beyond lucky to have the most wonderful team here at SxC who are just as passionate about this brand as I am. We have a team who are incredibly clever and talented and who help me bring my visions to life. From management and customer service, to warehouse, wholesale, marketing, accounts, and our production team over in India - they’re all brilliant minds who show up each and every day with energy, kindness, and enthusiasm. They’re also a really fun bunch who don’t take themselves too seriously - as evidenced on social media and our daily stories. There is a playfulness to the brand that is evidenced in the people that work within it.

The phrase, 'We attract into our lives what we put into the universe'… couldn’t be more true. Through my business, I’m surrounded by marvellous people every single day!
Sage x Clare - Norah Rattan Bed
Photography:  @jonathongriggsphoto
Your collections are always bright, beautiful, and original, where do you get your inspiration?
My whole business has been built on gut instinct, this also drives the inspiration behind the collections. When I’m in the creative process of designing a new collection, I act on my current mood and interests. My inspiration is drawn from my surroundings, places I’ve been or want to go. Travel has always been a huge love of mine and the idea to start Sage x Clare was born whilst I was roaming India. COVID has meant adapting in all aspects of my biz, including finding ideas for upcoming ranges. Inspiration can be found in my memories, my family, my workplace, holidays, and that key sense of nostalgia that creeps its way in each time.
Clothes are also one of my greatest loves (since forever) and another source of inspiration for me - our latest collection Camille has definitely been influenced by the fashion scene. I’m also lucky enough to live amongst the trees, overlooking the hills which never fails to stir up my imagination. My sister, Jem, is the textile designer here at Sage x Clare and I love being able to bounce ideas around with her. We will always create a mood board in the lead up to the design process and she brings a great deal to the table in the direction it goes to from there.
Sage x Clare - Norah Rattan Bed
Photography: @jonathongriggsphoto
For those just getting to know Sage x Clare and existing fans, do you have any tips as the creators on how to style your products and how to choose from a range where they want it all…
Sage x Clare products are full of colour and texture. Something that a lot of people don’t realise is that almost all of our pieces are handcrafted by talented artisans or have a handmade element. Immediately, this gives our ranges a unique look and that feeling of warmth in a home, so I don’t think you can go too wrong!
We have a tonne of amazing lifestyle imagery on our website and social media so that is always a good place to start. It can really help you visualise the various looks and perhaps start to build a wish list. The next step would be working out what is going to give you the most impact. A few new cushions can transform a living room or a set of new pillowcases can makeover the bedroom. And, it doesn’t have to be done all at once - each collection we create a new colour palette but it’s done with purpose and intended to mix together with past seasons. So don’t be afraid to buy a few of your most loved key pieces from each collection and mix and match them.
Lastly, buy what YOU love. Don’t be influenced by others or current trends… a happy home is one filled with collectables that bring joy to the people that live in it. It will feel all the more authentic and magical if you just do you.
Photography: @jonathongriggsphoto
So, tell us why you choose the product you did and how it was styled within the S&C office space.
We chose the Norah Rattan Bed in oak because we instantly loved it... that’s when you know you really need something, when there’s not a moment of doubt! It’s timeless and warm - we do love a warm timber for the atmosphere it brings to a space. And then there’s the rattan! Oh, that rattan is all kinds of heavenly and reminds us of happy times gone by, like sitting around a family table with rattan seating. It is both current yet nostalgic - exactly the balance we like to achieve across all of our own collections.
This bed is the main feature in our showroom and the first thing people see when they enter Sage x Clare, so it needed to be special but also have the ability to work with different colours and collections. The warm oak, structural integrity and effortlessness are just a few of the reasons we absolutely love it. 
If you could choose 5 more products from our entire collection, what would they be?
Sage x Clare Moodboard - Muse, Huggy, Cosmos, Blake, Manon