Bedroom Makeovers with Loni Parker

Bedroom Makeovers with Loni Parker

There's no time like the present to give your bedroom a makeover and Loni Parker, founder and director of Adore Home Magazine, is no stranger to a good transformation project!

Loni has been a good friend of Life for a while now, and we thought it was about time we showed off her incredible eye for interior styling.

We are absolutely living for the way she has chosen to style both our Georgia Bed and Mabel Bed in her latest renovation of Higlett House.

We chat with her to find out more about her personal style and creative process, including her top picks from Life!


Higlett House bedroom makeovers with Loni Parker from Adore magazine, featuring our Mabel and Georgia Bed Bases.


How would you describe your personal style aesthetic?

I think this evolves and changes with each home I live in. Currently my home is predominantly a contemporary style with a splash of mid-century. I like a fairly neutral colour palette at home, but I’m trying to push myself to add more colour to this home.


We love following your renovation projects! What do you look for/what's important to you when looking at a new home/space to renovate?

Thank you! Typically I’m looking for high ceilings and good bones. I’m a sucker for a pitched ceiling with exposed beams, which is what we had in our last home. That was literally the only thing that house had going for it. 

 With our current home we have tall and raked ceilings throughout the home. It’s also a 1960s mid-century home, so it has these gorgeous clerestory windows at the front. That was actually the main reason we bought the home, everything else has to be updated/changed. But we can totally see the potential, and once it’s fully finished I think it will be pretty special.


Higlett House bedroom makeovers with Loni Parker from Adore magazine, featuring our Mabel and Georgia Bed Bases.


What was the style concept you were aiming for when designing your new bedroom spaces?

For the main bedroom, I wanted to create a calming sanctuary, somewhere to escape from the reno mess of the rest of the house. This room was kept intentionally neutral with a beige and white colour palette. The overall look is contemporary but with some mid-century touches like the VJ ceiling. 

In our guest bedroom, I wanted to have some more fun with colour. My initial inspiration came from a photographic print of Joshua Tree national park - it had a dusty peach colour, which I used on our bedhead. The rest of the pieces were selected to complement that desert sunset colour palette.


What is your favourite Life Interiors piece you chose and why?

Both the bed bases are fantastic. I always find Life Interiors beds are great quality. If you toss and turn throughout the night (like I do), you’ll be glad to know the beds don’t squeak. I chose the boucle bed for our guest room and the fabric is to die for! And for our main bedroom, I chose the Mabel style in cream fabric. The oak and brass trim legs are gorgeous.


Higlett House bedroom makeovers with Loni Parker from Adore magazine, featuring our Mabel and Georgia Bed Bases.


Finally, if you could pick 5 more products from our entire collection, what would they be?

Huggy Swivel Armchair, Capri Rattan Arch Bar Stool, Manicured Lawn Print, Bud Pot, Luca Cushion.

We love how our pieces shine in both of these bedrooms, and how Loni has used her creative flair to design such stunning and relaxing spaces with them.

Shop our full Georgia range and Mabel range for more amazing pieces!

Love, Life x