The dynamic duo that is stylist Tahnee Carroll and photographer Lynden Foss, are the content creators and super humans behind Citizens Of Style. Long time collaborators and firm friends of ours, they welcomed us into their homes to show us how they would style our Ipanema range.

We get a sneak peek into Lynden's Byron home he shares with his beautiful wife Tess and adorable baby Birdie. Our favourite photographer and downright good guy, his airy beach side place is cool, calm and kid friendly, our curved edged Ipanema TV Unit and Ipanema Coffee Table fit right.

Then get ready to be inspired by hardworking, super stylist and total babe Tahnee's newly renovated home. We love the eclectic signature style she brings to all our shoots together, and her home is no exception. Our Ipanema Sideboard looks like it was made for her bright and airy living room, and to go with that beautiful vintage sofa.

We chatted to them to find out more about the pair and what inspires them to do what they do so well.

Shop Ipanema as styled by Citizens of Style in Sydney, Melbourne & Online.
Tahnee's house, shop the Ipanema Sideboard.

Having worked with you for many years now, we know you well and love what you do, can you tell our customers a little bit about the duo that is Citizens of Style...

Lynden and I met each other many years ago when we first started assisting on shoots; Lynden was the photographer’s assistant and I, the Stylists assistant. We instantly became best buds and after assisting on shoots for a few years together, we decided to take the leap and create our own content, which was quickly snapped up by our fave magazine, Real Living. That gave us the confidence to create our own brand and bring our creative vision to life. We’re now hired by some of Australia’s largest furniture and homeware brands to bring life to their products. 

Shop The Ipanema Tv Unit & Ipanema Coffee Table in Sydney, Melbourne & Online.
Lynden's home, shop the Ipanema Tv Unit & Ipanema Coffee Table.

How would you describe the Citizens of Style aesthetic?

We’re so lucky because we have the opportunity to create imagery that isn’t bound by a particular aesthetic, we get to create minimalist spaces, colourful spaces, eclectic spaces, you name it, it gives our work the creative variety to keep our minds engaged and stimulated. 

In our own homes though, whilst different, we both have a love for vintage pieces, mid-century modern and well-lit spaces. Whilst Lynden’s home leans more towards coastal elements for inspiration, mine heads down an industrial direction.

Shop The Ipanema Sideboard in Sydney, Melbourne & Online.Tahnee's home, shop the Ipanema Sideboard.

As expert space creators, tell us your top tips for putting together a room that works...

Add natural elements to your space, plants, dried foliage or fresh flowers, their organic forms create sculptural focal points in any room.

Layering is a stylist’s secret weapon in elevating a space from everyday to extraordinary. It allows you to create a cohesive room with a depth of focus. Layer a mix of textures in complimentary colour palettes to take your space to the next level.

Think about the shapes within your space, if you have a lot of pieces that are cubic than make sure you incorporate some curves, a circular coffee table is a great way to break up the typically “tetras” shapes of living room spaces.

Lynden's home, shop the Ipanema Tv Unit & Ipanema Coffee Table in Sydney, Melbourne & Online.Lynden's home, shop the Ipanema Tv Unit & Ipanema Coffee Table.

So, tell us why you choose the products you did and how you styled them?

Tahnee: I chose the Ipanama sideboard, as we don’t have very much storage in our home and desperately needed a place to hide my breakables from our daughter. The Ipanema fit so perfectly amongst my existing furniture, we have a lot of vintage and handmade pieces and the shape and tones complemented the look perfectly. 

Lynden: I picked the Ipanema TV unit and coffee table because our original coffee table was too big for the space and our TV was on a sideboard and just sat too high up; we needed something low that also hid all our electrical cords from a curious toddler. Our home has a coastal feel to it and the oak slatted timber really accentuated the style of the space.

Shop The Ipanema TV Unit & Ipanema Coffee Table in Sydney, Melbourne & Online.Lynden's home, shop the Ipanema Tv Unit & Ipanema Coffee Table.

For those reading this that feel they can relate to your tastes, what five other products would you choose if you could have anything from our collection... 

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