So, we decided it was about time we introduced you to a few of our friends. We are lucky enough to work alongside a bevvy of talented and inspiring people in this industry and some have become real pals.

First up, the definition of 'get you a man that can do both', our mate Jono Fleming can throw together a space as well as he can a home cooked meal and for that he will always have our admiration. We asked him to choose his favourite product from our new collection, and also gave him the third degree on what tickles his design pickle.

We are big fans of yours, can you tell our customers a little bit about yourself and your journey so far… 

I’m Jono, I’m an interior designer, stylist, podcaster, sometimes cook, a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to all things design and creative. I’ve been in the design industry for almost 13 years now, working at interior design firms, I taught design and tech drawing at colleges and worked as the Style Editor for Inside Out for a while there.


It’s been a very mixed bag but it all comes down to creating inspiring, accessible spaces for people to enjoy. I love all aspects of design which is probably why I can't be locked down to one specific job but it makes it very interesting day to day and I love the variety of audiences I can reach.

How would you describe your signature style? If you have one…

My personal style, I describe myself as being a ‘curated maximalist’. I’m a big fan of creating layers and depth in a home through colour, texture and pattern. I’ve tried minimalism and failed miserably, but I find the challenge of using objects and furniture to create a layered room really fun. It’s not about filling a space with ’stuff’ it’s about making a space feel unique, interesting and personal.

As an expert in the field of interiors, what are your top tips for creating a beautiful and functional home?

The main thing is to do what you like! Don’t let trends dictate your personal style too much. They’re there to be hints, helpful tips on how to curate a space, but ultimately, it’s your home so do what feels comfortable for you.


I find inspiration all over the place, not just the usual channels of Instagram and Pinterest but through movies, art, nature, there’s so much to take in, and if you’re really lost, get in touch with a stylist, it can really help guide with your decisions!

We hope you love your new piece, we would love to know why you choose it and how you styled it…

I needed something practical for the farm house. With a larger living space, I wanted chairs that would swivel and create different conversation areas easily without having to drag them around, and look amazing. Beautiful modern swivel chairs can be hard to come by but the Jasper chairs were perfect! The bold blue colour sits perfectly with the deep navy wall of the space and compliments the beautiful natural stone fireplace. Cosy, comfortable and functional, tick tick tick!

Finally, if you could choose another five products from our range to pair with your Jasper Swivel Chair what would they be...

The Norah King Bed, Aura Bench, Modena Bedside, Auguste Sculpture and Memphis Boucle Leather Cushion.