Kimmy Hogan: Creative Studio

Kimmy Hogan: Creative Studio

With a colourful history of graphic design and a brilliant eye for styling, it's safe to say that Kimmy Hogan knows how to create a fabulous creative studio.

Fine digital artist and a long-time friend of Life, Kimmy Hogan has designed her incredible new studio space to be full of the same warmth and effortless elegance that she herself embodies. Her new studio features a stunning curation of Life pieces, as well as some other additions from our brand partner, Sarah Ellison, that truly make this space somewhere you can't wait to work in.

We chat with Kimmy about all things style and the creative journey for her new studio, including her favourite pick from Life and what we can expect to see from her in the future...


What was the style concept you were aiming for when designing your new studio?

The goal with the new studio was to be warm and neutral with classic bones. I needed a space that I could transform to suit the personality of each new collection. We selected a beautiful natural white wall colour, our lovely white boucle sofa and accented with changeable earthy toned rugs and decor items.

What is your favourite Life Interiors piece you chose for the space and why?

It would have to be our boucle sofa. We seem to be able to make over our space with new art, cushions and rugs while the sofa remains this unchanged staple that holds the room together. Not to mention it's extremely comfortable and we love hanging out here in the morning having our coffee!


You've been a Friend of Life for a while now and we have loved seeing your artwork evolve! How would you describe your current style?

My style does evolve from one collection to the next. I have loved a soft neutral palette for a long time - creams, pinks, browns, mustards... however I wanted to take those tones to a deeper, richer level. My new artworks I'm working on have so much depth, texture and detail like never before.

What's next for Kimmy Hogan?

The new collections that I'm working on represent a huge step in my evolution as an artist. It is highly experimental and incorporates hundreds of my original paint sketches and textures that have been photographed and meticulously woven together to make the final artwork. It's been an incredible journey creating these and I can't wait to share them with the world.


We can’t get enough of how beautifully Kimmy has styled her new space with some of our much-loved pieces, including our Prague Sofa, Huggy Armchair,  and the Pierre Side Table. 

Take some inspo from Kimmy’s new studio and shop the pieces now to get the look!

Love, Life x