Room Makeovers With Gabbi Dei

Room Makeovers With Gabbi Dei

A friend of Life and TikTok extraordinaire, Gabbi Dei, has recently given both her dining space and bedroom a stunning new makeover, and we cannot get enough of it! 

Based in Brisbane, Gabbi has taken TikTok by storm with her videos that somehow make cleaning and mundane daily tasks look incredibly aesthetic. Her videos are not only motivational, but also inspiring with her strong eye for design when styling pieces in her space.

Gabbi shares our love for playing with different textures and materials to make her space really shine, creating some beautiful spaces with some pieces including our Cosmos Dining Table, Blake Dining Chairs, Allocco Bed, and Delta Bedside Tables to name a few!

We chat with her to find out more about her personal style and styling process, including her top picks from Life!


How would you describe your personal interior style?

I think my style could be described as a more feminine and artistic take on mid-century modern with Scandinavian undertones. 

I love incorporating bright colours, different textures and soft lighting without the final look being too curated or harsh. I find it hard to put my interior style into one box because I adore trying new things to mix and match. 



Can you tell us why you chose the products you did and how you styled them within your bedroom and dining space?

Since my job involves creating aesthetic content (mainly in my home) I knew that I wanted to re-design a few areas of my apartment so that the decor was reflecting my true style and personal brand. 

In my bedroom I wanted to create a relaxing ambience with gorgeous sage tones reflected in the Videl table lamps and Pool Side California wall art. I also knew that I wanted a fabric bed frame that would soften the space since my bedroom is small in size. The Allocco Bed in boucle was the perfect combination of comfort and style. 

I loved the idea of opening up my small bedroom by introducing the Loft leaner mirror. I think the matte black industrial style framing is so unique and alluring — enhanced further by placing the Atticus brass and marble floor lamp in front for those dreamy reflections. 

The final piece in my bedroom are the stunning Delta Marble Bedside Tables. I wanted a table with enclosed drawers for extra storage that look uncluttered. The oak and marble combination is so eye catching in my video content and I think these tones tie everything in the bedroom together. 

For my dining area I was following a similar theme of the boucle fabric and marble/wood combination. I have loved seeing the resurgence of the famous Cessna chair recently and knew that I needed this style when I found the Blake dining chairs. They are extremely comfortable and stable which is what I wanted for this space. 

The Cosmos Dining Table in Carrara marble and oak absolutely blew me away! I knew this had to be the centrepiece of this space. I loved that it matched the vibe of my bedroom too and was the perfect size for my smaller apartment. I think these natural wooden/stone tones are timeless and I am so happy with how everything turned out. 


What is your favourite Life Interiors piece within your home and why?

I love them all but I would have to say the Cosmos Dining Table. It is extremely striking with the shining Carrara marble top and timber clad column base. It looks amazing on camera and has significantly elevated the dark corner which was previously my dining area. 



So many people (including us!) love watching your cleaning and daily routine videos, why would you say that video format is so popular?

Thank you so much! I think the cleaning vlogs and daily routines can be relatable and motivating for so many people. I personally loved watching this type of content during 2020/2021 which spurred me on to eventually create my own vlogs in this style. 

The tasks which I show in my videos are things that we all do on an everyday basis. We are all (by nature) intrigued and interested in others live their day-to-day lives. 

I think the fast-paced editing and aesthetic shots keep people engaged in this new age of short-form content. 


We love the way Gabbi has styled our pieces in her space, and cannot wait to watch what else she does in the future!

Love, Life x


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