Introducing House of Slim

Introducing House of Slim

We are proud to announce that we are now exclusive stockists of House of Slim, a brand that we are so excited to add to the Life family!

Directors, Holly and Tyler, were brought together through their love of travel and the desire to create investment interior pieces, which is how House of Slim was born. Australian born, the couple now live in Bali, preferring a more down-to-earth and relaxed lifestyle. 

Their collection, Chapter I, embraces the natural materials of marble and onyx to create some truly unique and special pieces. In this collection, you will find pieces that are designed and made to last over time, something that is in line with their brand ethos of ethical and responsible production.

Behind the Brand

Each House of Slim piece is hand-crafted by talented artisans in Central Indonesia, with both the craftsmanship and materials being intentionally localised, creating a line of production that is both ethical and responsibly sourced. 

With a creation time of 15-70 hours, each piece is a testament to the skills of the local artisans and the locally sourced, natural materials. In addition to working with local communities to bring the brand to life, House of Slim supports those communities through giving back, providing financial assistance for both staff and their families for further education

We spoke to Holly about the inspiration behind the brand and asked for some tips on styling their pieces...


The faces and hands behind interior brand: House fo SlimThe Hands Behind                                                                                      Holly & Tyler 

What is the main inspiration behind this collection?

Chapter I was inherently inspired by our love of nostalgia in both art and form. My love of vintage photographs really paved the way for us to think about who we were designing for; creating a storyline and letting that create the final pieces you see today. 


House of Slim - now exclusive stockists, available to shop online or in our showroomsMargaret Statement Plinth & Alfred Sphere                                        Farah Coffee Table - Crema Marble

Most of your pieces are made from either marble or onyx, what was it that drew you to these natural materials for your pieces?

The nature of how we came across our signature elements, Marble and Onyx I put down to wishful thinking and dedication during our own renovation late last year for our home in Bali. I am very much a Pinterest’er when it comes to home interiors, and I had my eye on this beautiful piece of onyx as inspiration for what felt like eternity.

Through months of exploring and multiple trips to different regions of Indonesia, we found our factory who also held similar responsibility beliefs to us, which is core to our brand DNA.

What we personally love about these elements is that you are investing in a piece that will last generations. To us, Marble and Onyx represent timelessness, and showcases beauty through the ages in their motifs and imperfections.


House of Slim - now exclusive stockists, available to shop online or in our showroomsMargaret Statement Plinths - Crema Marble

For those new to the brand, do you have any tips as the creators on how to style your products?

We believe in creating a space that is unique to you; so always keep this front of mind. Simplicity is key, especially for our ‘Farrah’ - she is already a focal point, so effortlessly pairing with a Marloe Marloe vessel, fresh floral arrangement, a scented candle and your favourite coffee table book really to us, is all that is needed.

Currently, we have our ‘Farrah’ styled with Poolside by Slim Aarons and Marseille Je T’aime by Jacquemus, finished with our favourite natural soy candle. We change our styling depending on the season; in our eyes we love the idea that our children will also hold onto these books and cherish the imagery and times within.


House of Slim - now exclusive stockists, available to shop online or in our showroomsGrace Standing Basin                                                                               FarahAlfred, Palmas & De Coco Art Prints

How would you describe the House of Slim aesthetic?

Our brand DNA really stemmed from vintage photographs; specifically Slim Aarons who has been an incredible source of inspiration for myself (Holly) in my super8 and 35mm career. We like to think of House of Slim's aesthetic as timeless luxury with a subtle flare of nostalgia. 


Even as a relatively new brand, House of Slim is set to make waves in the industry through their unique, cultivated pieces, and their ethical and responsible ethos.

Their intentionally made pieces are designed to last, so that they can be brought down through generations to come. 

We, for one, are excited to see what's to come for such a special brand and are so proud to share their collection with you. 

Love, Life x