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Introducing: Miss Amara

Known for keeping it both simple and gorgeous, Miss Amara have an amazing range of rugs on offer and we are thrilled to have them as part of the Life family!

Their rugs are made from natural fibres, including jute, wool, and cotton, and include plenty of stylish designs that from traditional to minimalistic and modern homes. Whatever your style, there's a Miss Amara rug to suit it.

To make their offering even sweeter, each rug purchase comes with complimentary standard shipping, Australia wide!

We chat to co-founder, Alexandra Tanya-Weller, on the goal behind starting Miss Amara and get her top tips for styling their rugs...



What was the main goal when starting Miss Amara?

We quickly discovered that rug buying was not only hard but also not that fun. There was a lack of inspiration, style and even assistance in the selection process. With this frustration, we set out to break down every barrier to make the process of buying a beautiful rug super easy.

We made rug buying risk free! We offer free delivery and free returns in case it doesn't suit the space. We have an incredible down to earth team to help customers through every step of their rug buying journey. Our team is driven to help make homes beautiful by adding a little style and comfort with a rug! 


How would you describe the Miss Amara aesthetic?

Beautiful, on-trend and feminine. We interpret old traditional designs into modern styles and tones.



Are there any key tips you can share for how to style a rug for specific spaces?

When selecting a rug for a space I always ask people two things - what is the space for functionally and how do you want the space to feel. For example, if the lounge is the area that you want the whole family to congregate and relax, then by choosing something high pile and luxurious like a wool berber will instantly create a zone - a sanctuary - for exactly this.

But if you have pets, you can achieve the same thing with a stain resistant PET fibre select something with a high pile for similar properties - looking and feeling the same as wool with the benefit of not absorbing spills or odours. I love getting feedback that previously unused spaces have become places the whole family now lie and watch Netflix or relax together! 

As well as adding to the feel of a space, another thing people might not know is that a rug can make a space feel larger, as the rug acts as a subconscious visual boundary to the eyes. Choosing something oversized and having all your furniture sit on top of the rug makes your space feel expansive, and there is nothing more luxurious than a generous plush space that big and little feet to play, relax and congregate! 


We're sure it changes all of the time but what is your favourite rug or collection at the moment?

At the moment our Tumblelux collection, it’s been our most exciting product. It’s the first of its kind and we have had so many questions about the range and customers loving how truly silky soft it is and amazed that it’s also machine washable! We wanted to create a product that was ideal for busy homes, easy to clean but also stylish and comfortable!


With plenty of unique and neutral rugs on offer, you're sure to find the perfect match to cozy up your space by shopping the full collection HERE

Love, Life x

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